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How to Visit Prague (and not get ripped off)

For those who follow my blog, you'll know that I love Prague and indeed every Czech city I've been to. It's an awesome country with great architecture, nice people and cheap beer but there's an issue - like any touristy city, there's a massive issue with people getting ripped off. If I had a Czech Crown for the amount of times a friend or colleague comes back from Prague and boasts about only  paying 99 crowns for a pint, I'd have enough to buy a pint in a respectable pub or hospoda that doesn't rip people off. While on the face of it paying the equivalent of £3.50 doesn't sound that bad, it really is . I frequently tell people that the most expensive normal  lager in the Czech Republic is usually Pilsner Urquell and even so you should never  be paying more than around 50 crowns (£1.70) for a pint of it. Yes, I know, people reading this blog who went to the Czech Republic 20 years ago will be flabbergasted that the price of a pint is that much