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M&S Fish & Chip Pie (Food Review)

A little over a week ago I was browsing the internet and saw that upmarket supermarket Marks & Spencer were releasing a Fish and Chip pie. At first, I thought it was a little odd but then I thought, well, Fish and Chips are a British institution, as is savoury pie so why the fuck not? I mean, after thinking about it a little more, I wondered why nobody had done this before. As massive fans of fish and chips, Emily and I were amazed so I promised her a fish and chip pie for dinner last Friday, because I'm a classy motherfucker. So what makes a fish and chip pie? A layer of minted peas, a layer of fish in a tartare sauce and topped with chips in a pastry crust. To some people this sounds amazing, but to others it sounds disgusting. So what's it like? After tasting it, I don't understand why anyone would have a problem with it. I mean, when you have a dish, to ensure it all works you put everything that's on the plate on your fork to ensure it works toget

Norwich Birthday Twissup 31st May – SIX WEEK PREVIEW

You probably would have seen my original post about my birthday twissup in Norwich on Saturday 31st May , as well as my frequent tweets telling everyone to buy train tickets. If you don’t know already, my birthday event in London last year ( #Dawgocalypse ) was a raging success with around 30 different people joining us throughout the day and it was seriously fucking awesome. I really appreciate everyone coming out. This year, I’ve decided to try and haul everyone’s arses to my home city of Norwich as it will be approaching the end of our annual City of Ale festival. Anyway, there are just six weeks to go so essentially this is a reminder for y’all to book your tickets, and I’ll give you a brief overview of the pubs we plan on visiting. I believe we’ll be starting between 12pm & 1pm but if you’re any later to Norwich , you’ll find a map at the end of this post… ALL TIMES BELOW ARE APPROXIMATE. WE MAY SPEND MORE OR LESS TIME IN SOME PUBS, DEPENDING ON HOW BUSY TH

A bunch of Belgian Beerz

I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by a lovely chap called Lode who runs an online Belgian Beer shop called Belgian Beerz because he wanted to see if I fancied doing some beer reviews and link to his shop, in exchange for said beers I will be reviewing. How could I say no? I mean, I get more writing material for my blog and I get to help a small business with some promotion. It’s a win-win situation! It’s also a great opportunity for me to discover more Belgian beers as I have neglected them way too much since discovering American & Danish beer. Anyway, I got sent a lovely selection of 12 beers and I’m going to power through a review of each but in just a couple of lines or less as it seems like a fun idea! Van Steenberge Cesar (8.5% Tripel) – Sweet, citrusy, biscuity and banana-y. Very nice indeed. Waterloo 8 Double Dark (8.5% Belgian Strong Dark Ale) – Lots of red fruits, big sticky toffee with a little bit of dark vanilla chocolate at the end. Sh

Disney, Beer & My Reputation

Last night I watched the Disney movie, Frozen  on recommendation from my girlfriend and her friends. Y'all know me, and y'all know that I usually like more adult comedies and gangster movies, but it's not all. That's just what my reputation says as you know I'm an angry bastard and obviously I have Samuel L Jackson's "Bad Motherfucker" wallet from Pulp Fiction . I like Disney movies though, and I REALLY, I mean REALLY enjoyed Frozen . The story and the songs were incredibly well written, with great lyrics, vocalists and a simply stunning score. Right now, I just can't stop listening to the soundtrack. It's phenomenal. My reputation gives this image that I can't enjoy anything visual that doesn't involve someone getting killed, or exploited in a hilarious way. What you know about me is wrong. I do actually have a heart and I was incredibly touched by Frozen . Obviously, my love for a movie that was created with little girls in mind w

Nate Dawg Drinks Other Things

Something you may know about me: I love beer. Yeah, I know I'm bored of the whole beer politics and arguments and such, but I still enjoy drinking it and I have some interesting beer reviews coming to this blog soon. Something you may not know about me: I like booze that isn't beer. You may have heard that I dabble in the arts of Bourbon and Rye whiskey, but that's not all. Recently, due to having a girlfriend who is a complete wino sophisticated wine drinker I've been drinking wine and I have been enjoying it. I've always been a fan of red wine, but I'm starting to like the white too. It's not like either of us are total wine geeks or anything, we just buy affordable (read: cheap plonk) from the supermarkets, but still it's enjoyable. Wine is a great drink, and there do seem to be plenty of affordable yet delicious options out there. I also dabble in cocktails, and am looking to experiment more with making them in the near future as I want to bro