Slow Cooker Chinese Pulled Pork Recipe

I love Pulled Pork as it's a versatile food stuff that you can cook and get plenty of meals out of, whether you're going to eat some now and take some to work the next day or freeze it for a rainy day.

I also love Chinese food, but I'd never thought about Chinese Pulled Pork until Craig from the Artichoke invited me to his house for lunch one day a little over a year ago, and fell in love with the Chinese Pulled Pork he cooked so I had to steal the recipe from him and make it myself.

Since then, I've probably made it about 5 times and each time people tell me how delicious it is and how the want the recipe but y'all know me, I'm slack at getting on my blog sometimes but here it is... my recipe for Chinese Pulled Pork:

Ingredients (some amounts may not be exact as that's how I roll):

1kg Pork Shoulder (rind trimmed off)
1 jar of Lee Kum Hoisin Sauce (from an Asian supermarket as I'm convinced it's better than the same brand you get in the supermarket)

The Best Things to Do in Gdansk, Poland

Sitting on the Baltic Sea, the tri-city area of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia is not somewhere I’d ever thought of going until we had some time booked off work, searched “everywhere” on Skyscanner and found £20 return flights, but we’re glad we did.
How to get there:
We got direct flights from Stansted using Ryanair who operate 2 flights there, and 2 flights back every day but it is serviced by other airports in the UK.
Once you’re there, it’s only a half hour bus journey into the city centre although if you have loads of luggage with you, Uber is cheap enough.
Where to stay:
We stayed in a Novotel very close to the centre because we’re a big fan of the cheap convenience of Accor hotels, which cost us about £120 for four nights. Unlike many cities, I would recommend stay right in the centre as public transport is tricky due to it not being on google maps.
When to go:
If you like cold weather, winter is the time for you! We’ve heard that the Christmas market is nice, although we can’t vouch fo…

#Wrestling - WWE TLC 2018 Predictions

It's a weird time for WWE, especially for their flagship Monday night show, Raw. We have a heel "acting GM" in Baron Corbin who doesn't just make the fans hate him, but they legitimately want him to just go away and get off our screens, we have a tag team division whose best teams have been written to be laughing stocks, Ronda Rousey whose matches I'm starting to feel aren't worth watching since she's always going to win with an arm bar and never lose the title and apparently we have something called "The Universal Championship" but we rarely see that because current champ Brock Lesnar is a lazy bastard.

Smackdown, however, keeps me interested week-on-week. Of course, there are some silly segments like the Miz sucking up to Shane McMahon (hang on, why has Shane suddenly reappeared every week?) and whilst the New Day's antics are fun, sometimes, like last night's USOs Vs The Bar rap battle are just baffling. We've got some good charac…

A New Direction - Introducing a New Theme

It's no secret that I've been struggling to write decent content for a while. It's a shame but I don't know; most of what I try to write I end up deleting because it's too controversial and I can't deal with the debates anymore. I'm tired of it.
To be honest, I've really fallen out of beer as something other than a beverage. At the end of the day, it's literally just a drink. I know for some people it's a lifestyle and their livelihood as they work in the industry, and that's cool, but that's not me anymore.

When I do write, however, the content is generally about my travels as well as beer and food. I gave up on the Beats element about music years ago as I stopped listening to so much music, and frankly, my music reviews weren't very good at all.
So, I needed to replace Beats with something and given my love for professional wrestling, why not change it to Beatdowns and write about wrestling since I watch so much of it?
So, from now…

Craft Beer Guide to Berlin

It's taken me a while to get round to writing this post; it's something I probably should have written two years ago, and then a year ago but having come back from Berlin a month or two ago I think it's finally time to share my craft beer experiences!

I love traditional German lager and drinking in the proper locals pubs when I'm away but I also really enjoy seeking out the modern craft beer scene and Berlin certainly has a cracking one, so I'm going to tell you about some of my favourite craft beer spots in Berlin that you should visit.


Berlin has quite a few little brew pubs which are small and range from the traditional to the modern, all of which are pretty cool.

Vagabund Brewery - Vagabund is very modern and owned by American's I believe. It's a tiny, bright bar with a bit of street seating outside and maybe around 6 taps. You're probably not going to hear many conversations in German here! I had their American Pale Ale which was bright and…

Lidl Currywurst - A Review

Ah, Currywurst! A Berlin institution and indeed, if you've been to Berlin and didn't eat Currywurst whilst you were there, I'm not sure we can be friends.

My first Currywurst was on my first ever trip to Berlin in August 2016 where I stumbled upon a stall at the Street Theatre Festival on Alexanderplatz; I grabbed a cheap €3 plate as well as a beer and sat in the warm sun, and fell in love. Later on that trip I visited the Currywurst museum (yes, such a thing exists) and although a novelty, I feel it was possibly the wurst (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?) eleven euros I've ever spent.

The premise of Currywurst, for those who don't know, is simple: It's effectively sliced boiled and fried sausage coated in a sweet curry ketchup and topped with curry powder; you'll usually find it served with chips and mayonnaise on nearly every street corner in Berlin.

I'd seen the famous CurryKing brand of microwavable Currywurst in supermarkets in Germany but never did I expect…

Nuremberg Altstadtfest - Feeling the Culture

When we learnt that our last trip to Nuremberg would coincide with the Nuremberg Alstadtfest - or Old Town Festival - we got the impression that it was just a beer festival but as we discovered, it was so much more than that.

The Altstadtfest which happens over 12 days every September is effectively a festival which celebrates the beautiful city of Nuremberg. It spreads across the whole of the old town and as we discovered, it was incredible.

The main square is bustling full of stands selling traditional German food such as Drei Im Weggla (3 small Nuremberg Bratwurst in a bun, and for the love of god don't you fucking dare put ketchup on it) as well as various traders selling clothes and handmade items, and there's a giant stage where live music of all kinds takes place over the course of each day and evening until around midnight.

If you stand on the bridge on the south bank of the river Pegnitz, if you're lucky you might catch the water jousting which is a highly enterta…