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Special Releases? That's Fake News

I'm not a Trump supporter. Not by a long way. I voted Remain, of course I fucking did. I'm sure most of you feel the same, but most of you are also fucking idiots. Getting sucked in by the next special release, the special release that is just a ruse. You see, the thing is, these beers already exist.  They're nothing special. You're not creating a trend. You're just following the crowd. Special releases are irrelevant. There are Double IPAs that rival Cloudwater's v3543643636* or whatever the fuck number it's up to now, I'm sure you've had one that's better but it's not what everyone else it's drinking so you don't fucking care . Because nobody else is drinking it, you don't talk about it. The minute beer people who are popular drink it and rave about it, you'll talk about it. Stop talking about FOMO. The Fear of Missing Out. You've not missed out on shit. It's Just a Beer. JUST. A. FUCKING. BEER.

A Day in Bamberg with Hans, Nick and Alec

On the Friday of my recent trip to Germany with Alec and Hans, the now legendary Stick man, we decided to take a trip to Bamberg, a destination that has long been on my hit list. Bamberg I had been told is one of the ultimate beer destinations in Germany and luckily is only 45 minutes on the train from Nuremberg (regardless of whether you get the RE or S2). We picked up our Tagesticket Plus (all regions) for €19 (for both of us, not each) and boarded the RE train at the Hauptbahnhof. We arrived in Bamberg at around 10:45 and went in search of our first brewpub, Mahrs Brau . We followed Google Maps which seemingly took us through what looked like an industrial estate and found the pub. It was before midday yet it was already bustling with local people chatting and chugging beer, but we managed to find a seat in the back room. The beer I'd been told I needed to have here was "U" which you order by saying "Ah Ooh" so ordering "Zwei Ah Ooh" felt a bit