Special Releases? That's Fake News

I'm not a Trump supporter. Not by a long way. I voted Remain, of course I fucking did.

I'm sure most of you feel the same, but most of you are also fucking idiots.

Getting sucked in by the next special release, the special release that is just a ruse. You see, the thing is, these beers already exist. They're nothing special.

You're not creating a trend.

You're just following the crowd.

Special releases are irrelevant.

There are Double IPAs that rival Cloudwater's v3543643636* or whatever the fuck number it's up to now, I'm sure you've had one that's better but it's not what everyone else it's drinking so you don't fucking care.

Because nobody else is drinking it, you don't talk about it.

The minute beer people who are popular drink it and rave about it, you'll talk about it.

Stop talking about FOMO. The Fear of Missing Out. You've not missed out on shit.

It's Just a Beer.


Beer is no longer about enjoyment. It's about being cool. The cool thing to do is get the latest release and go running. Fuck the latest release. I don't run.

Drink what's available.

Drink with your friends because they matter.

Come drink a Carling with me.

It. Is. Just. Fucking. Beer.


*For the record, I have enjoyed several Cloudwater DIPAs. This was just an example beer of the hype wankery that ensures pointlessly


  1. Heh. I think you hit a nerve there Nate.

    Every beer festival I put rings round beers to try in the programme. Every beer festival I miss half of them, or someone says 'Actually it's shit', or I taste a bit and don't like it.

    So I end up just drinking something that's there, because I've got work to do, and I can't go chasing the stuff I'd circled... and I end up drinking Duchesse de Bourgogne, Adnams Tally Ho, Chimay Blue, or Beavertown Gamma Ray, and quite happy, thank you very much. Some of those beers may be deeply un-hip but I don't much care if I stay that way.

  2. Says the guy who goes on holiday several times a year to other countries to drink their beer. Just stay home and drink what's available mate ;-)

    Nah I get what you're saying and I get you have your tongue in your cheek at least a little here but why does this matter? I'll drink what I want to drink. You'll drink what you want to drink. We'll both enjoy it and we'll both end up with the same result. Pissed and feeling like shit the next morning :)

    1. I don't specifically go away to drink their beer, I just try to conveniently pick places that have beer!

      I think you've completely missed the point of this, though. The point I'm making is that Special Releases are unimportant and irrelevant. I'm not saying I won't drink them; I just won't go out of my way to get them and I don't know why other people do.

    2. Because they want to and it's fun!

  3. Do you know what mate... you've hit the nail on the head. FUCK! DIPA v 11... I have had 2 to 10. Pass me the Stella Artois.


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