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Don't Fear the Light

About six months ago I received a press release announcing the return of Bud Light to British stores and pubs, a move which I thought odd but then figured "well, OK then, if you must". I recall posting some kind of sarcastic tweet along the lines of "GREAT! I'll finally be able to drink Bud Light!" but others were more aggressive about what is an entirely odd and what I saw as unnecessary move. The more I thought about it, the more I realised that it may actually be necessary . Hear me out... In shops, with the aside of the ever more elusive Skol and several Own Brand Supermarket lagers I don't think there really are many sub-4% lager brands, other than a few alcohol free beers and a couple that hover around 2-2.5% which many would describe as far too weak. The same basically goes in pubs... there are not really any lagers below 4%. Therefore, the re-introduction of Bud Light to the UK Market could actually be a saviour  due to it only weighing in

Why I'm Over Beer Festivals

When your body clock is fucked and you're laying awake at 5am, your brain goes into overdrive. You start to ponder the questions, trials and hardships life throws at you; that big project you've got on, and whether you'll pass your appraisal at work, but then when you finally accept that you can't tackle any of those issues right now you start thinking about trivial shit. Like Beer Festivals. In February, I went to two conversely different beer festivals in two countries. The National Winter Ales Festival in Norwich, England; and Braukunst Live in Munich, Germany; and both experiences led me to the conclusion that I am over beer festivals. I'm not saying either were particularly bad festivals (hey remember London's Brewing from 2013 ?) but I'm just over them and here is why: You have your two main kinds of festival Local/Regional CAMRA festival & Craft Beer Festival so let's start with the former. CAMRA Festival (Norwich Beer Fest/NWAF): Ba