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The Mikkeller Distribution Debacle - an official response

As you probably now know, Brewdog have exclusive UK importation and distribution rights for Mikkeller beers. A few of us on Twitter noticed that a fair few online shops are no longer stocking Mikkeller beers as now that Brewdog are importing the price has been hiked up in comparison to when they were able to buy and import direct from Mikkeller. Now I was a bit hasty on slagging Brewdog off, as I always am because I like ranting. I really should’ve gotten all of the facts first but I’m bloody useless. Rob from Hopzine was also very hasty in blogging about it so the response is targeted at him too. My buddy Luke now runs Brewdog’s online shop and he told me to contact Martin Dempster to get more of an insight so I thought I’d share my email and his response. What I said: “Basically, Brewdog now has exclusive rights to import and distribute Mikkeller beers in the UK and we've noticed that since you've taken control, the prices of Mikkeller beers on your online sho

Same Game, New Rules

You don’t need to be that observant to realise that I’m a miserable bastard but lately it’s been a lot worse due to a combination of real life things and not just this hilariously miserable fucker you see on twitter. I’ve realised I need to make some drastic changes and set some new rules for myself in order to be happier (certain things have been emitted due to obvious reasons). I decided upon this last night when I was unable to sleep. I’m gonna jot them down here and review them every month to keep track of what I’m doing. You probably don’t care much beyond my beer writing but fuck it, ignore it if you’re that way inclined. I’ve never been very good at keeping to rules but I’m really gonna try my hardest because I absolutely need to as I’ve not been able to sleep due to various stresses including never having any money and constantly being drunk (may be related). 1)       Don’t go out drinking on weeknights (unless it’s a special occasion) 2)       Don’t buy take

Booze: Dead Crow Bourbon Flavoured Beer review

A while ago whilst browsing on The Publican's Morning Advertiser, I came across an article about this Dead Crow Bourbon Flavoured Beer from SHS Drinks who are famous for the alcopops brand WKD. This sparked a rather long discussion on Twitter (as it always does) with the lovely Melissa Cole and my good friend Jay . Now as you may have previously seen, I'm all about reviewing this kind of weird monstrosity from evil corporations so I just had to get my hands on this. I heard that it was available in 4 packs from ASDA but I didn't really want it quite enough to warrant the trip to ASDA, nor did I want 4 bottles of it. So this brings me to today. I was rather looking forward to the catastrophe that is tonight's episode of The Apprentice where the candidates have the task of creating a new and unique flavoured beer, so much that I went for a pint after work (actually, those things may not be connected). After my delicious pint of Golden Triangle Red Square I swung by G

London's Brewing Up a Shitstorm

6am. That's the time I got up on Saturday to get the 7:30am train with Ben , Jay & Lee to go to Free Comic Book Day & London's Brewing Beer Festival . 6am. I don't even get up that early when I have work during the week. Thankfully the train journey was made bearable throughout my tiredness with awesome company and Stone Vertical Epic 12.12.12. A bit special for train beer and very delicious. As soon as we got to London, we headed to Forbidden Planet comic book shop - and got lost in the process - as it was free comic book day. We queued up and claimed our free comic book goodie bag and spent about an hour looking at the various books and memorobilia before heading to the Convent Garden area for cupcakes. After spending about a fucking hour trapped on the central line sweating our tits off we finally got to Bethnal Green tube and walked down to the London Fields Brewery taproom. We saw that the queue of London's Brewing was massive and not moving so we dec