About me...

Nate Southwood is a writer and marketer from Norwich, England. He is known for wearing suits, swearing a lot, his love of heavy metal & beer, and just generally being awesome.

Beer first came into his life when he was about 16 and acquired a bottle of Hobgoblin, purely because the label looked cool. Ever since then, his love and interest for beer has gotten more intense to the point where in 2012 he was like "I should write about beer" and it's proven to be a great success. He is probably the best beer writer ever.

Heavy metal has also been a big part of his life ever since he first heard Enter Sandman by Metallica he was about 12.

When he isn't drinking beer & listening to heavy metal he's either playing tennis, writing about beer, swearing on social media and looking damn fine.

If you’re in either the music, food or drink industry and would like to let him know about something awesome you’re doing send an email to nate(at)boozebeatsbites.co.uk