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How I Became Earth Ambassador to Krrrghbräu (Part One)

Tuesday 3rd December 2019 was a particularly cold day. I remember it clearly as it was during a particularly tough week. I was hungover from the night before and had no food in the house so I decided to pop to Aldi. Whilst I was there, I grabbed a bottle of Rheinbacher and a Cornish Pasty and decided to sit on a bench in the middle of Anderson's Meadow in Norwich to eat and drink. I mean, it started as a relatively normal day as that's the kind of routine I used to live by when I had no food in the house and nothing better to do, but little did I know how crazy my day would get. I sat down on the bench and I remember feeling absolutely bloody freezing and questioning why I didn't just go home to begin with. I rolled and lit a cigarette, took my bottle opener out of my coat pocket, popped the top off of my Rheinbacher, placed the opener and bottle cap in my pocket and took a swig as I would any normal day. Ah, delicious 11am Rheiny; refreshing. I was about to open m

7 Completely REAL Yet Unknown Facts About Beer

Beer is a wonderful thing; it comes in many different forms and there are at least 2,397 experts on the internet trying to feed you information about beer. There are books, too. Tons of them. Y'know those paper things we kind of forgot about back in 2015? Well, them. They feel funny, so I'm unsure as to why you'd want one when you can get all of your completely REAL yet unknown facts about beer right here on Booze, Beats & Bites! HERE ARE 7 COMPLETELY REAL YET UNKNOWN FACTS ABOUT BEER: 1) Beer was invented in 1764 in Ukraine  - A chap called Boris Krakovic first came up with the special recipe with beer whilst tripping on LSD. He combined a few things and it just worked. 2) Beer contains more than 4 ingredients  - Other sources will lead you to believe that beer is made with Malt, Water, Hops & Yeast but they are WRONG. There are actually 7 ingredients... the other three being real money, old gameboy cartridges and broken dreams. 3) Beer is better fo

The REAL Reason Keg Beers Are More Expensive Than Cask Beers

Ever since the dawn of the craft beer movement there has been a single topic of conversation that never goes away. A topic that haunts every corner of the beer internet, whether it's a CAMRA forum, Twitter, craft beer Facebook groups or Reddit. It's a conversation I no longer get involved in as there are a thousand different answers but I can tell you right now, the bullshit you're being peddled are LIES. Those answers cannot be further from the truth. I feel bad as I've been hiding the answer for so long; I've been burying it deep within my soul and brain but I feel ready. I feel ready to tell you the truth, dear readers. Here it is, and it will shock you to your very core. You will never be able to look at a keg tap the same way again; the craft beers you're drinking will forever taste different. They'll taste more magical, maybe, or will it ruin the illusion. THE REAL REASON KEG BEERS ARE MORE EXPENSIVE THAN CASK: We are taught our whole live

Nothing Toulouse - What I Loved About This French City

I learned four years of French in school, and I was good at it according to my French teacher, who was actually French. She spent the best part of year 9 trying her hardest to convince me to continue with French into my GCSEs as she was confident I could be fluent one day but being a stubborn teenager, I didn't listen and continued with Spanish. I'd never really given much thought about visiting France until I went to Paris maybe 6 years ago and despite the actual trip being shite for various reasons, I loved the city and vowed to return one day. The problem is, however, that I ended up getting obsessed with visiting Germany and the Czech Republic and rarely would think about visiting elsewhere. That is until July last year when I saw £25 flights and thought "at that price, I have nothing Toulouse " (and no I won't stop with that pun). So I booked, along with a little apartment, not far from both canals and gave the city my best shot... It's a Walkable