Same Game, New Rules

You don’t need to be that observant to realise that I’m a miserable bastard but lately it’s been a lot worse due to a combination of real life things and not just this hilariously miserable fucker you see on twitter. I’ve realised I need to make some drastic changes and set some new rules for myself in order to be happier (certain things have been emitted due to obvious reasons). I decided upon this last night when I was unable to sleep.

I’m gonna jot them down here and review them every month to keep track of what I’m doing. You probably don’t care much beyond my beer writing but fuck it, ignore it if you’re that way inclined.

I’ve never been very good at keeping to rules but I’m really gonna try my hardest because I absolutely need to as I’ve not been able to sleep due to various stresses including never having any money and constantly being drunk (may be related).

1)      Don’t go out drinking on weeknights (unless it’s a special occasion)
2)      Don’t buy take home beers (unless it’s the weekend)
3)      Don’t buy shit take home beers (Yes, that includes Carling sadly)
4)      Don’t drink at home (Unless I’ve ordered beer online or have weekend leftovers)
5)      Only go out on either Friday ­OR Saturday night
6)      Only go out two weekends a month (unless it’s a special occasion
7)      Only go out of Norwich one weekend a month (unless it’s a special occasion)
8)      Cut all of my hair off (I’m having a bit of a crisis yes but also long hair is getting annoying)
9)      Use computer/tablet/TV less when I’m at home
10)   Read more (also: learn more about beer)
11)   Review at least one album a week
12)   Don’t lend money or extend credit (unless it’s a life or death situation)
13)   Don’t borrow money (unless it’s a life or death situation)
14)   Make lunch at home and take it to work instead of buying lunch every day
15)   Buy a bicycle instead of paying extortionate bus prices
16)   Don’t moan about meaningless beer related things
17)   Stop being such an arsehole to people
18)   Finally buy a new suit

I’m sure I thought of more than 18 but fuck it. What I hope to achieve is to be able to sleep better and have more money more of the time leading to me being a lot happier.

Why I’m sharing this with you, I do not know but ah well. Hopefully this will work out. It probably won’t as I’m fucking shit at sticking to things.

Have fun.



  1. You've done well in rationalising this. If you stick to half of these, I'll be in awe!

    Take it easy fella and keep writing / venting!

    1. Cheers mate. Knowing me, I'll fail almost instantly but that's life!

  2. Aww good luck with making changes to get you closer to where/what you want to be. If it helps any, it might be good to look on nights of abstinence / packed lunches etc. not as something negative, i.e. denying yourself something, but instead as you 'earning' the nights you are going to have a beer or a day out. And getting into a mindset of deciding not to drink rather than "wasting liver capacity" on a shit (or even mediocure!) beer, works for me - it seems like second nature to me now to decide on a more interesting soft drink or explore some herbal tea or different coffee beans rather than drink an alcoholic drink that I don't actually want. Cycling in the evenings too for a bit (if we get some spring/summer weather!) is also a good way of breaking up an evening, getting you out from the screen, and tiring you out to hopefully help with sleep. Hope things improve for you, and I might pop over to say hi when you're on your birthday crawl in London!

    1. Cheers for your comment. I'm finding it hard to see them as anything other than negatives or deprivation until I get into the swing of things. Right now I'm feeling that these are things I need to do.

      Coffee is definitely something I want to get into, although I have a feeling that it really won't help much with the lack of sleep. I've been wanting to explore teas though as I bloody love green tea.

      And about the hair, I love it but it's so thick and annoying that I wanna start from scratch after the summer is over. I hate my long hair in summer.


    2. Have you tried other herbal or spice teas - e.g. ones with liquorice, cinnamon etc.? Or flavoured green teas? Some teas don't have caffeine so are good to have in the evening towards bedtime instead of a beer, and won't keep you awake, or you could have a posh hot chocolate before bed too on non-alcohol nights (I have one with chilli at the minute). I don't tend to have coffee later than about 7pm unless I'm planning to stay awake! But having a decent coffee is a nice 'treat' to look forward to when you come home from work or just after tea, instead of a beer. If you'd like me to send you a few different sachets of herb or spice teas from my collection so you can try some out without having to buy a box, DM me your address!

      I get you about the hair - though I hope we do actually get a summer to make your hair sacrifice worthwhile ;-)

    3. I've only really had the Twinings green tea range to be honest. Haven't really expanded beyond that.

      I have a plan to experiment and find out if any alcoholfree beers are worth drinking.

      Cheers for the offer of teas... now leaving work, will DM you when I get home!

  3. sorry the hair is going to go though :-(

  4. Good luck mate. See you on Friday I hope!

    1. Cheers brother! Will definitely see me on Friday!


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