Booze: Dead Crow Bourbon Flavoured Beer review

A while ago whilst browsing on The Publican's Morning Advertiser, I came across an article about this Dead Crow Bourbon Flavoured Beer from SHS Drinks who are famous for the alcopops brand WKD. This sparked a rather long discussion on Twitter (as it always does) with the lovely Melissa Cole and my good friend Jay.

Now as you may have previously seen, I'm all about reviewing this kind of weird monstrosity from evil corporations so I just had to get my hands on this. I heard that it was available in 4 packs from ASDA but I didn't really want it quite enough to warrant the trip to ASDA, nor did I want 4 bottles of it.

So this brings me to today. I was rather looking forward to the catastrophe that is tonight's episode of The Apprentice where the candidates have the task of creating a new and unique flavoured beer, so much that I went for a pint after work (actually, those things may not be connected). After my delicious pint of Golden Triangle Red Square I swung by Get A Round, arguably the best beer shop in Norwich to pick up a few takeouts and that's where I saw this for the lowly sum of £1.69. I just had to have it because it ties in nicely with The Apprentice tonight.

Anyway, enough rambling. How is the beer?

Brewery: SHS Drinks
Beer: Dead Crow Bourbon Flavoured Beer
Style: Flavoured Lager
ABV: 5.5%


Kind of amber in colour so darker than your average mainstream lager fizzy head that dies down quickly.


Smells like very sweet marzipan and a tiny hint of your average mainstream lager. I have no issue with mainstream macro lager but marzipan can fuck right off.


It tastes like cheap... like VERY cheap 19p for 2 litres Tesco cola mixed with Foster's and sweeteners.


Very fucking gassy. I almost burped upon first gulp.


Yeah, you guessed it. It's fucking vile. WHY THE FUCK DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?

Enjoy tonight's episode of The Apprentice. Who knows, they may brew better beer than this! I'd like to think so anyway...



  1. I'll open a St Peters Whisky Ale as you're drinking this one.

  2. Thanks for affirming my initial judgement without having to waste money on a four bottle pack from ASDA.

    THough I do with I had another bottle of Bourbon County Stout from Goose Island lol

    1. It's quite alright... always drinking the grimness so y'all don't have to!

      Ahh Bourbon County is awesome!

  3. Taking one for the people, as always. Heroic to the last and PMSL funny too!

  4. 1.69? You got ripped off- I'm having the displeasure right now for a nifty 1.59! Took one taste and headed to Google to find out who the hell was responsible for what I was tasting. Still, i'll finish it, so mustn't grumble.

    1. Don't I fucking know it!

      Seems that all trace of this beer from its corporate roots have disappeared from google which is why everyone finds this post. It's actually my most read post on here!

    2. I wish I'd read this review before I went out and bought some ��. Tastes like I imagine a tramps breath would after a night on Southern Comfort, Thunderbird & Compass lager.

  5. god I am a freak, I liked it

  6. At least it's not White Ace.

  7. I had a abscess surrounding a molar as a child and this drink has matched the taste of the flow of pus produced by it to a tee. Also provides a lovely headache within an hour.

    1. Marvelous description and spot on with the headache.
      Got given a 4 pack, tried 1 and will save the others for unsuspecting guests.

  8. Never before have I regretted buying this.

    Wish I saw this review before p*ssing away £5 on a 4-pack. :(

  9. Just trying this stuff myself right now its drinkable yes but defo a very very cheap party drink dare to think what chemicals are in it. Reminds me alot like desperados beer. Crap!!!! Stick to real ale

  10. Ooh may i add. I also bought Cuvana rum beer beer. Funny enough made by the company that make dead crow. And yes you guessed its rank also infact taste the same.
    Ooh well curiosity killed the cat it sure died if it try this crap

    1. Oh god! I've not tried that. I think I'm gonna have to try it, just for research purposes!

  11. Can't disagree with your assessment, but as an accompaniment to fried chicken wings and a slab of cheap chocolate, it does a sterling job.

    Sometimes it pays to have *really* low standards :-D

  12. 49 pence a bottle makes it less painful
    just had ten bottles and its just kicked in!


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