Nate Dawg Drinks Other Things

Something you may know about me: I love beer. Yeah, I know I'm bored of the whole beer politics and arguments and such, but I still enjoy drinking it and I have some interesting beer reviews coming to this blog soon.

Something you may not know about me: I like booze that isn't beer. You may have heard that I dabble in the arts of Bourbon and Rye whiskey, but that's not all.

Recently, due to having a girlfriend who is a complete wino sophisticated wine drinker I've been drinking wine and I have been enjoying it. I've always been a fan of red wine, but I'm starting to like the white too. It's not like either of us are total wine geeks or anything, we just buy affordable (read: cheap plonk) from the supermarkets, but still it's enjoyable. Wine is a great drink, and there do seem to be plenty of affordable yet delicious options out there.

I also dabble in cocktails, and am looking to experiment more with making them in the near future as I want to broaden my horizons a bit. Last Friday we had mojito night, which was good fun and it turns out that I can make a fucking good one even if I did fuck up the curry (that's a different story, don't ask).

Really, my point is that sometimes drinking a c***t beer is way too much effort. Sometimes, there's way too much going on; too much complexity and I do too much thinking. I try to drink something that I love and have had before, like Punk IPA, but I do think about it. I can't stop the thoughts from wizzing around in my brain "Is this as good as the last one I had? Do I taste something different? Is this really fresh enough? I miss 6% Punk." The thoughts, that as beer geeks, we all have.

Sometimes, I want to drink something that I know fuck all about and have had very little previous experience with. You can tell me how complex a wine, or a cocktail is, but I'm not going to listen as they're my safety net. They're what I drink when I don't drink beer, and I don't want to think about how intricate it is and all that bullshit. I just want to drink and enjoy it.

So yes, Nate Dawg Drinks Other Things.



  1. I made mocktails for a friend who gave up drinking recently, they rocked, i drank some too. And yes, for the stupid people out there, they are cocktails without alcohol! SHOCK HORROR!


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