A generic first post...

I've been meaning to get a blog up and running for a while but I either can't be bothered or I get drunk and forget. This is for real though. I'm actually blogging.

If you don't know me, I'm Nate and I have 3 main areas of interest.

1) Alcohol (Beer mainly)

2)  Music (Heavy metal & hip hop mainly)

3) Food (Meat mainly)

I'm like most other people, really. I like to get drunk whilst listening to loud music then I like to stop at a kebab shop on the way home for some shaved cat meat.

Booze, Beats & Bites. My three favourites of each:


Even though this blog is generically "Booze", I had to go with my favourite type of booze in this scenario.

1) Brewdog Punk IPA - Beautifully hoppy, grapefruit, piney.
2) Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale - Brutally hoppy, malty, caramel.
3) Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier - Yeasty, Banana and Pineapple.

Picking a third beer was harder than I imagined. The first two, however, just happened.



Specifically, I'm going to focus on restaurants.
1) Captain America's Hamburger Heaven, Norwich - Such awesome burgers. Just simple big ass burgers.
2) Mambo Jambo, Norwich - Mexican & South American restaurant with a massive menu. And Blue Moon.
3) Ed's Easy Diner, Euston - Another American style restaurant like the ones you've seen in movies.

Well that wasn't too painful in the end! If you haven't Drank/Listened/Eaten any of these, I highly recommend you do.

Now I'm going to enjoy the rest of my day off. I will post as regularly as possible. Well, whenever I have something mildly interesting to say anyway.

In the coming days/months/weeks/years you can expect booze reviews, music reviews, food reviews and maybe the occasional guest blogger!

I'm now going to enjoy the rest of my day off. Have fun, folks.


  1. Hey nice one Nate.

    Iron Maiden? Generic!
    Public Enemy? Freakin rock don't they!
    Johnny Cash ... so hot he's cool

    Punk IPA ....... good good
    Stone Arrogant . can't fault you there
    T'other one I've not had

    Loving the restaurant recommendations. Will deffo give Ed's a go when on the way to GBBF in August. I'll let you know.

    Great effort (but as I am an old git, I'd prefer a larger font :) No, not a lager font!!

    Take care dude, Chris

  2. Thanks mate. There's a lot more to come!

  3. Johnny Cash is alwasys listed first.


  4. Very nice Try. I wish you the best of luck in this new hobby. It may make you start writing about a fourth topic (blogging). It's infectious.

    I'm bit older than you, and also and American, so much of your writing will be foreign to me. However, I always encourage others to join in.

    1. Thanks for the comments buddy.

      I will definitely be blogging about more than just booze, beats & bites... I left American Football out of the equation for a start. (49ers fan)

      What's your blog url bro?


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