Beats: Sleepers Awake – Transcension review

The album starts out with a heavy yet groovy stoner rock groove, leading into some soothing yet aggressive vocals. Later on in the song, the music turns quite mesmerising. The Augur is how you start an album correctly. Burdened is up next and starts with vocals leading into melodies that kinda fuck with your head a bit when paired with heavy basslines and almost marching band style drumming. Apparitions is chilled out the whole way through but with the heaviness of the guitars just sticking around in the background. The album continues with this fast and heavy yet slow and melodic progressive stoner groovy ting. It’s great. There’s something for everyone in there! It’s instrumentally skilled, vocally skilled and the lyrics are great.

I seriously can’t stop listening to it. The whole album is like if Devin Townsend were to have a three-way with Tool & Mastodon. Contender for album of the year? Hell fucking yes!

Sleepers AwakeTranscension is out on 17th of June, both digitally and on CD.

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