42 Bud Lights & 10 Dirty Stadium Hot Dogs

There are two types of beer geek... those who will go to an event that has awful beer and not drink... then there are those of us who will drink basically anything.

I'm in the latter category.

I spent Sunday at Wembley Stadium fulfilling a lifelong dream of seeing San Francisco 49ers play American Football. We played against Jacksonville Jaguars so obviously we were going to win, but the win was massive. 42-10. You probably can't imagine how I felt.

I spent the day drinking Bud Light and eating dirty stadium hot dogs, and I loved it. I got to hang out with some awesome people such as the awesome BiereBelle and see the team I've supported for 12 years.

I had the best day drinking Bud Light and eating hot dogs that made me feel awful the next day.

It was awesome.


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