The Session #91 - My First Belgian

The Session is a monthly event for the beer blogging community which was started by Stan Hieronymus at Appellation Beer. On the first Friday of each month, all participating bloggers write about a predetermined topic. Each month a different blog is chosen to host The Session, choose the topic, and post a roundup of all the responses received. For more info on The Session, check out the Brookston Beer Bulletin’s nice archive page.

This months session is hosted by Belgian Smaak… and is all about your first Belgian Beer.

My first Belgian? What is this, a new Fisher Price toy?

My first Belgian beer was obviously Stella Artois. I’m not going to hide from that. Some people say that it doesn’t count, but of course it bloody does.

I remember when I was 12, a friends’ parents were out for the day so we decided we were going to drink beer. We made the conscious decision to get drunk. It was irresponsible. We were 12 years old… we wanted to experience it and find out why our parents drank alcohol.

I remember hating the feeling of being drunk… that initial hit of the alcohol, rushing through your blood into your brain. The dizziness, the blurry eyes. Well, I hated it at first, and then it was fun… it was hilarious. Why was it so hilarious to watch a rabbit yawn?

And then the vomit. I was quite violently sick. Disgusting, can’t deal with it.

Eventually, I got home and passed out.

And then the hangover.

I didn’t drink for about two or three years after that.



  1. Last time I had Stella I remember turning up at a friend's house a few pints in and finding his brother and friends stripped to waist, smoked out and a massive bong on the table. Then we went to the park and got drunker on the swings. I later was found naked lying on the floor of the toilet by my Dad. The next morning was one of the most horrific. I think this session was what convinced me to stop drinking lager and find a different calling.

  2. I never did find a liking for Stella, though enjoyed their peterman artois as short lived as it was. My brief flirtation with lager at age 15 was such that my parents bought a discounted 12pack in october ready for christmas, but I'd gone off it by then (worthies and john smiths instead) and my younger brother drunk it instead.


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