#ShowUsYourLocal - Old Favourites & New Beginnings

I’ve never really had just one local pub. Sure, throughout time there have been certain pubs I’ve spent more time in than others, whose bar staff I’ve come to know and even call my friends, but I’ve never really been someone to just go to one particular pub all of the time, or even in the same night. I’ve always had many local pubs that each serves its own purpose.

I was asked to participate in the Show Us Your Local campaign by Jamie’s Drinkstube, which I have happily obliged to take part in. Below I will tell you about the pubs in Norwich that I call my locals and why.

The Norwich Taphouse is a special kind of pub as it was the first ever craft beer bar in Norwich. Before this opened in November 2012, the people of Norwich knew nothing about the weird and wonderful new world styles of beers that were available in keg. I remember going there on opening night and it’s still a pub I regularly go to as they consistently have something I want to drink as well as bar staff I can sit and chat to. It’s also pretty much the Redwell Brewery Tap unofficially, always having our entire range on keg.

For both good food and good beer I pick either Plasterers Arms which has arguably the finest pizzas in the city, paired with some great beers on cask and keg or I’ll visit The Mash Tun which not only has great cask and keg as well as Harbercue cooking up American style BBQ cuisine such as brisket and pulled pork with the best Mac and Cheese I’ve ever had, but it’s also the place I go if I want the beat Gin & Tonic in the city as it also houses a gin palace that stocks over 150 different gins and infusions!

For cocktails, The X Bells is my go-to. They have a cocktail list that rivals some of the beat London bars I’ve been to and they change it seasonally, sometimes using rather odd ingredients. The staff are well trained in making classic cocktails too, so you can still get an Old Fashioned with no trouble.
The final pub I frequently visit, although admittedly less when the weather isn’t so good, is The Plough which features mostly beers from Grain Brewery. The reason for this pub being included, though, is mostly for the massive beer garden which is a delight to spend long summer Sunday sessions in, if you can get a table.


Many thanks to Greg at Jamie’s Drinkstube for inviting me to be a part of this, I’ve re enjoyed writing. Check out Sarah Warman's video below and get involved using the hashtag #ShowUsYourLocal on Twitter.



    Taphouse is the "Redwell Brewery Tap unofficially" - that makes it sound like they are not directly linked :-)

    1. They're not, really. Separate companies so separate entities.

  2. Sure, separate companies, but my understanding is that at least one person is a director of both companies which superficially at least appears a strong link. But I know nothing about how business works so I'm hardly qualified to speak on such matters! Do you still do social media for the Tap and Mash Tun?

    1. Yeah, Patrick is director of the pubs too but it's under a separate umbrella so they're not directly linked, or tied like say for instance, Enterprise or GK.


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