Beer review: Brewdog Electric India

It was July 2013, the day after the first ever Birmingham Beer Bash. Andrew and I woke in our Holiday Inn, way too hungover to deal with life. Kick out time. The hangover is making us incredibly hungry so we walk, not knowing Birmingham at all, to try find food. Eventually we settle on a Wetherspoons because the breakfasts are cheap and reliable. Full of greasy food and dreadful coffee, we walk but as it's a Sunday nothing was really open. The perils of having set time train tickets is that you're forced to find something to do.

It finally reached midday, otherwise known as pub opening time and we found the Brewdog bar that I'd been drinking in with friends the two previous nights.

We wandered in to peruse the beer boards... one for Brewdog and one for guests. Still, I struggle to choose. Electric India sounded good, and on a hot day sitting outside Brewdog Birmingham, it was.

I don't remember too much about my first experience of Electric India due to a combination of it being years ago and at the time I was ridiculously hungover (when am I not?) but I know it was good.

Fast forward two years and I received and email from a chap called Johnny who works for Brewdog... the lovely guy sent me three bottles of the new and revised edition of Electric India and sure enough they arrived within a couple of days.

So Electric India was, I believe, the first Equity for Punks beer that was created with the help of the 7,000 strong army of investors. After discussions and voting in the super secret online batcave that is the EFP forum, they decided upon a 7.2% India Saison... it's not really a style, it's more of an experimental beer that combines the best qualities of a funky saison with a big American IPA.

Two years on, they decided to re-brew Electric India as a spring seasonal but with the lower ABV of 5.2% beer, making it a much more accessible beer. I often worry about breweries lowering the ABV of a beer as sometimes doing so can weaken the overall flavour of the beer but it's not the case with this!

It pours a slightly hazy orange colour with a firm white head. The aroma is mandarins and sharp lemons with the funky saison yeast lingering in the background. The flavour is juicy grapefruit spiked oranges with a little acidity but you've got little saison qualities hovering around.

This is a great summer beer, extremely juicy and not too challenging so you can happily sink a few pints!

Cheers to Jonny for sending these to me!



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