Czeching It Out - Bernard Pub Andel

Smichov was a nice area to stay in as it was the less touristy side of the river, and felt more local; sure it was busy, with a shopping mall and several late night bars and casinos but it kinda felt homely, with the quiet back streets and beautiful architecture.

One thing that impressed me about Prague, as silly as it is, is how easy it was to cross the road compared to other foreign cities I've been to. People in the Czech Republic generally seem quite chilled out, not in a rush to get anywhere, and I liked that.

I've been a fan of Pivovar Bernard for years, ever since I first drunk in the Euston Tap. Their range of lagers have always been available there, and were a go-to for when I was a bit hop tired.

I was delighted to find that there was a Bernard Pub about a ten minute walk from where I stayed so it'd be rude not to pop in for dinner and a few drinks.

Yet again it's another smoking establishment, which even as a smoker I got a bit annoyed at since I was eating and there didn't seem to be such a thing as a non-smoking eating area. I like to think I was considerate by not smoking when people at the table next door were eating, but others were not of a similar thought process.

I started with the 5% Unfiltered Lager which was crisp and refreshing on a hot and humid day; it was perfect after wandering around the zoo all day and y'know what? I actually think I prefer it to Urquell.

I went for the 4.6% Pale Lager next, which was full of leafy bitterness and a biscuity base. I liked it, but not as much as the unfiltered lager.

It was then time to order food, and I figured it'd be rude not to have a traditional Czech Gulas. It was really bloody delicious and paired well with my 4.7% Amber Lager.

The food and beer were both great. No fuss and a nice atmosphere. It wasn't too busy either, despite going there right after office hours.

Bernard is making some of the best lager in the Czech Republic, in my opinion, so definitely seek it out.



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