Bites: Chilli Quest - Sainsbury's Basic Chilli (Tinned)

As you would have read in my 1 year anniversary post, I detailed a plan to eat a few of the same but different brand ready meals before creating my own variation of the dish. I shouted at Twitter for suggestions and I got a few but I have decided to go with Kavita's idea of Chilli Con Carne. As for the rest of the suggestions, I'll get round to those!

I love Chilli Con Carne so this is a great suggestion.

I have decided to start with what is possibly the worst I could get (I'm pretty skint right now).

Sainsbury's Basic Chilli Con Carne (Tinned)

Price: 89p
Meat Content: 15%
Cooking Method: Hob

When I opened the can and put the chili in the pan, it was a stubborn, solid bastard. A few pats and shakes of the can then it eventually came out in a can shaped blob.

It's very red and you can instantly see the sheer amount of Kidney beans that's in this product. It's very thick and gloopy and you can guarantee that every mouthful is going to be more kidney beans than anything. It's certainly a good job that I got over my childhood fear of kidney beans (I thought they were actually made from kidneys). The meat is very hard and gristly too which isn't pleasant.

Flavourwise, it's VERY salty and tastes a bit like weetabix mixed with tomato puree, kidney beans and green chili skins. there is no heat at all.

Overall, it's really not good but what was I expecting for an 89p can of Chilli?

Stay tuned for more chilli con carne action...



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