Czeching It Out - Beer Geek Bar

Fresh off the train from Plzen, maybe a little inebriated, I decided to head to Beer Geek Bar, which I'd heard good things about.

Although I love the traditional Czech lagers, I knew there was more to the beer scene over there and I was sure I could find some form of non-traditional Czech beers, IPAs, Pale Ales and the like.

Off the tram. Cross the road. Down a stair case. A new, clean looking bar. It's busy, but not rammed. Familiar set up of taps on the back wall. 30 taps. I'm going to have fun. A good selection of beers from all around Europe; a couple from the USA; and oh look, Brewdog bottles in the fridge.

To my surprise, pale ales and IPAs are all served in Spiegelau IPA glasses.

I started with Matuška Raptor, a 6.3% IPA that's as juicy as any American style IPAs you get in the UK... Amarillo and Cascade work really well with the Czech hops they're also using, to give you a proper juicy banger. Light grapefruit, a bit of bitterness, lovely.

Next I went for Browar Stu Mostów Salamander Pale Ale from Poland; it's 4.8% and slightly maltier than the previous beer. Lashings of caramel with a little bit of orange and some grapefruit bitterness.

Zámecký pivovar Frýdlant Albrecht Pale Ale (5%) came next and it's very citrusy with a lovely light toffee base.

Komár APA at 5.2% is one I wasn't sold on. It tasted old and weird.

Clock Twist American Red IPA was an outstanding example of a Red IPA with lots of citrusy bitterness coming through over the top of a solid strawberry biscuit base.

Clock American Pale Ale was also solid, but not a favourite.

I ended my time at Beer Geek with another two pints of Matuška Raptor. Easily my favourite beer of the evening!

I will certainly return to Beer Geek next time I'm in Prague!

You can find Beer Geek at VINOHRADSKÁ 62, 13000, PRAHA 3 and you can keep tabs on their taplist on their website:


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