Beats: 64 Stitches

A fair few years ago in this place you’d probably never want to go called Norwich, 3 best mates had a plan.

That plan was to form an awesome punk rock band.

That plan worked.

Since April 2005 Tom, Adam & Dan have been rocking people’s socks off and sometimes even their cocks. Rumour has it that this one guy was listening to their music when suddenly his penis burst into flames. It’s just a rumour but a believable one.

In 2005 they released a 5 track EP called Fire Kills Children which is a blindingly punky 5 tracks… painful for all of the right reasons. You can download this absolutely free here:

Then in February of this year, after many frustrating (yet fun) studio sessions and hours of getting wasted they finally released their album Go for the Juggler. It is a punkalicious mix of loudness, heaviness and bonding between 3 guys who love punk rock. After 11 tracks you will feel drunk. You can download Go for the Juggler here:

Download them now or you can go back to listening to your rubbish emo music.

Punk rock, bitches.

You can also follow 64 Stitches on Twitter:!/64_Stitches


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