Nekrogoblikon - Power review

Because I could never write anything as awesome as Lisa can, so I'm not even going to tell you about Nekrogoblikon other that they're from L.A; I'll let the first part of Lisa's press release do the magic:

"Once upon a time there lived a lonely Goblin, confined to a life of solitude and banished by his peers for having a hideous visage. What this goblin wanted more than anything in life was bitches, mountains and mountains of steaming, sweating, thrusting bitches. But that was in a time long passed, when language was more raw and colourful and anyone reading this story in 2013 knows that we can’t say that word, so we’ll proceed onwards by saying the goblin wanted ladies, lots of lovely ladies.

One thing the goblin knew, was that to secure the attention of bit…sorry women, he had to become a rock star. Women LOOOOVE rock stars. Having seen that men with similar visages to him such as Rod Stewart, Chad Kroeger, Marilyn Manson and Lars Ulrich could pull some of the hottest women on the planet, he set about forming a band and thus the legend that is NEKROGOBLIKON was forged. 

Formed six millennia ago, and practicing only every other leap year on a full moon, NEKROGOBLIKON has finally perfected their brand of skull-crushing music."

The album starts with a cracking power metal riff and vocals that remind me of 3 Inches of Blood on Friends (In Space), ripping and roaring, sounding like a true goblin should. I can only assume that 3IOB were goblins too, since they wanted to destroy the orcs. Moving on we've got some clean, power metal pop style vocals which break the track up. Pure riffage, with some progressive metal sync. It's only the first track and this album has everything I could possibly want.

The epic battle continues into Nothing But Crickets and kind of fucks you up with more absolutely fucking insane riffage, prog, pop and lyrics. Powercore starts off a lot more aggressive and thrashy but at the same time encompassing the hilarity. I think my favourite lyric ever is now "You're not a powercore. You're a fish".

The album continues getting heavier, yet more progressive and poppy and I just don't understand. They're catering for literally everyone's musical tastes. Maybe apart from dance music because that's just shit. Although, you can mosh the fuck out and that's a form of dancing. Probably. It goes through everything... hell, Bells & Whistles has a brief interlude of prancing through the forest like in a Disney cartoon and the album ends with Giraffe. Yes. A heavy metal song called Giraffe. It ends with a song about fucking giraffes. The final notes are the a'capella singing of "Giraffe".

The verdict is that I'm absolutely fucking amazed and mindfucked because of the stages this album goes through. It's only 5 tracks long yet it manages to capture about 78% of music genres.

Power by Nekrogoblikon is seriously fucking amazing. It's heavy, light, brutal, pop, prog, power... brilliant. Basically if you don't have a smile on your face while you listen to this, you seriously need to get mental help. It's a shining light, yet oh so dark. It's an epic battle, yet it's also a warm hug. I don't know what it is, but it's awesome.

Nekrogoblikon - Power is out on 27th August worldwide and it'll be available as both a CD & a digital download. You won't regret buying it!

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