Top 10 Norfolk Beers 2013

I was meant to post something completely different tonight, but I couldn't, because I saw Beerenalia's post on his top 10 Norfolk beers and I just had to post something similar. It'd be rude not to.

So what are my top 10 Norfolk beers?

1) Grain Brewery India Pale Ale (6.5%) - It's a big, hoppy grapefruit and orange tasting IPA. What's not to love? Whenever I see it, I have to drink it.

2) Golden Triangle Black Hops (4.6%) - For me, this is the perfect Black IPA. It retains all of the flavours you want in a regular IPA... grapefruit and orange, but adds red berries and a slight roastiness. Simply phenomenal!

3) Humpty Dumpty WWIPA (7.4%) - Alright, another IPA. Sharp gooseberry, floral hops, a bit of orange and grassiness. Brilliant.

4) Ole Slewfoot Dragon Saison (4.5%) - Lemon acidity and spiciness with the classic funky funky funky saison taste! AWESOME.

5) Norfolk Brewhouse Dewhopper Lager (3.8%) - Amazing session lager. It's very clean and crisp. Can drink it all day!

6) Redwell Steam (4.6%) - Smooth, but not very sweet caramel with grassy hops and some apricot. A great adaptation of the style!

7) Grain Blonde Ash (4.0%) - If you know me, you'll know I'm a sucker for a good wheat beer! Bananas, clovers and coriander comes through, being a refreshing summer beer!

8) Elmtree Dark Horse Stout (5.0%) - Insane drinkability for a stout. Roasted coffee, powdered cocoa and dark fruits are in the flavour.

9) Jo C's Kiwi (3.8%) - Awesome sessionable bitter. English and New Zealand hops give it a refreshing juiciness.

10) Lacons Legacy (4.4%) - Light grapefruit and orange flavours, with a little bit of malt too.

So there's my top 10 Norfolk beers right now. Beers that, if I was in a pub that had all of them on I'd probably end up committing suicide as I wouldn't know what to choose.

If you've tried any of these, please let me know what you think. What's your favourite Norfolk beer?



  1. Have to agree that all of the above I've had are top top beers. Good choices.

  2. I'd have to say personally my favourite Norfolk beer is Grain IPA. It's also very popular in our wine shop,as well. (Dave Holiday's Dewhopper is my second!).

  3. Having recently had several of these, I'm of like mind about the Grain IPA and blonde ash for sure, but I think Grain Porter deserves to be there too.

    I'm not quite sure about the Redwell Steam. A nice and well put together beer but just a tad sweet for me.

    And nothing from Beeston? Well, we don't get a lot of it in Norwich, which is a pity, but Afternoon Delight for easy drinking, or On the Huh for falling over drinking would be somewhere in my personal top ten.

    And Dragon Saison - well, bring it on! Love that beer and have a (very) small claim to have helped bring it into being :-)

    1. It was an incredibly tough list to write! I almost went for Blackwood stout, actually!


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