Redwell/Red Bull? I'm confused

Oh nice... just as Belleville brewing and AB InBev come to an agreement that "Belleville" is absolutely nothing like "Belle Vue" another name dispute comes up, but this time it's personal for me.

You would've seen me tweet frequently about how awesome Redwell Brewery from Norwich is, if you haven't you must have been living in a cave.

Well I get to work this morning to discover on the EDP website that Red Bull has written to Redwell brewery asking them to withdraw their trademark application as the names "Red Bull" and "Redwell" are too similar so people may get confused.

Absolute bullshit.

Man walks into a bar and orders a can of Red Bull. Bartender pours him a pint of Redwell IPA. The man says "How the fuck did you even confuse them?".

The punchline is that this would never ever happen in a million years.

I am so fucking angry about this, I mean, Redwell are just a small brewery based in Norwich brewing awesome beers, not brewing laxative filled energy drinks. Anyone who can get Red Bull & Redwell mixed up is an absolute idiot.

I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say that whoever from Red Bull decided upon this is a complete idiot and I really hope this gets sorted out quickly and painlessly.

Good luck Redwell. We're all with you!

Tweet your anger towards Red Bull here:‎

And tweet your support to Redwell here:

Fuck you, Red Bull, you corporate bullying arseholes.

To further your support for the awesome Redwell Brewery, why not go find a pint?

Pubs that have stocked Redwell and may still have some include:

Norwich Taphouse
Surrey Tavern
The Jubilee
Coach and Horses
The Murderers
The Playhouse
The Plasterers
Norwich Arts Centre

Holborn Whippet
Old Red Cow
The Lyric
The Old Fountain
Hoxton Howl

The Rest of the UK:
The Font Chorlton (Manchester)
The Font Manchester Central
Inn Deep (Glasgow)
Hanging Bat (Edinburgh)

If you've seen any Redwell beers elsewhere, let me know and I'll add them to the list!



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