8 Foot Sativa - The Shadow Masters review

8 Foot Sativa is a 5 piece heavy metal band from New Zealand and when this album hit my inbox, I thought I knew what to expect as I loved this band years ago. I was expecting pure Nu-Metal, but that's not what I received, and it's definitely not a bad thing.

You see, what I've heard from 8 Foot Sativa previously has been quite light. Not exactly chart friendly, lyrically but certainly musically. Again, this is no bad thing.

The Shadow Masters brings something new to the table. There's a lot of metalcore in the heaviness of Anatomy of Hate and Never Abide with massive crushingness and intense lyrics, yet there are fairly light hearted proggy singalong songs like Shadow Master and Feeding The Weak. This album is taking a completely different angle, and proving that a band doing something different isn't a bad thing.

Lyrically, 8 Foot Sativa were always quite strong and intense but musically and production quality was lacking, and The Shadow Masters proves just how far they've come. They've still got the lyrics and the vocals that made me fall in love with them in the first place, but their riffage has totally fucking blown up now.

I'm totally fucking in love with this album. It has all of the qualities I loved from previous efforts, but it's really been stepped up a notch. It's heavier and more progressive. It's awesome!



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