The Session #79 – USA Vs Old World Beer Culture

The Session is a monthly event for the beer blogging community which was started by Stan Hieronymus at Appellation Beer. On the first Friday of each month, all participating bloggers write about a predetermined topic. Each month a different blog is chosen to host The Session, choose the topic, and post a roundup of all the responses received. For more info on The Session, check out the Brookston Beer Bulletin’s nice archive page.

This month’s session is hosted by Ding and (I think) it’s about the differences between America’s and Britain’s beer culture…

Let’s pretend, just for a moment, that this is actually a guest blog by two people. One of them is an American who knows a little about American craft beer and that’s generally what he buys, and the other is a British chap who just goes down the pub.

These guys want to tell you about beer culture in the other person’s country but they’re not very well educated in it…


“British beer? It sounds shit. Boddingtons from a can? I had that once. It’s vile. I’ve heard that in England they only have warm beer that’s below 4%. What a bunch of pussies. I bet all British beer tastes like Boddingtons. They seem to be in the pub drinking it literally all day. It’s true; I’ve seen it in movies.”

British guy:

“American beer? All they have is Budweiser and Coors light. Fizzy yellow flavourless crap, out of cans and on keg may I add. They wouldn’t know a nice pint if they were fuckin’ drowning in it.”

Both of these people couldn’t be more wrong, but sadly, that is still the general view that Americans and British people have of their cousins across the pond, and what beer is.

But y’know, it doesn’t look like these generic views of beer culture are going to change anytime soon despite the fact that beer importation and exportation is growing every single day, both sides of the ponds.

Maybe I’ve missed the point of this session, but, it’s not about “Vs”. It’s not a fucking battle. It’s about enjoyment. It’s about shutting the fuck up, having a good time and drinking whatever you like.

I think that’s what a lot of these “Session” posts boil down to, me telling people to shut the fuck up and just drink what the fuck they like and it’s all getting really tiresome.



  1. I appreciate your consistency with these Session posts.

  2. I like Boddington, despite the fact that it taste not that good anymore. A Boddington is always a Boddington. And beer should be enjoyment and once now and then I like to be nostalgic.

  3. Standing ovation.


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