Foster’s Lime and Ginger Radler (beer review)

Radler. A traditional German beer based mixed drink. It comprises of a 1:1 or 3:2 ratio of various types of beer and some form of fizzy drink, like lemonade.

It’s basically a shandy, really. I have fond childhood memories of going away to terrible holiday parks and enjoying the even worse nightlife while drinking cans of Bass Shandy, with a straw hanging out.

It’s odd how we have the same things in different countries, yet they’re seen in different ways. In the UK, a shandy is something you give to kids to make them feel like they’re drinking beer like dad. Here a shandy is mainly made with bitter, or at least some form of ale. It’s brown, like the ale dad is drinking. In Germany, a radler is commonly seen as a sports drink… hell, Radler basically means “Cyclist”.

Anyway, I’d tried the original Lemon Foster’s Radler when it was released last year and I liked it. It was basically 2% ABV cloudy lemonade, which I’m not sure anyone could hate; unless, of course, you hate lemonade you weirdo.

Well last week I was kindly offered a sample of the new Lime and Ginger Radler, which I’d seen a poster for and was considering buying anyway as it sounded great.

It’s 2% and a mix of Foster’s Lager and Lime & Ginger soft drink… the part that says “Foster’s Lager” is enough to put many people off, but not me.

And it shouldn’t put you off either.

Essentially what it tastes like is Ginger Ale with a wedge of lime in it, and it’s really bloody refreshing.

It may not be ‘craft’ but I like it.

It’s a perfectly good, inexpensive, low ABV beer for summer drinking.

Thanks to Matt from TVC for sending me some, for my honest opinion!


P.S. I was also sent a bottle of the non-alcoholic lemon version, which I didn’t like as much. I’m generally not a fan of alcohol-free beers, and this wasn’t an exception. It just had an odd malty aftertaste which I couldn’t get on with. Emily seemed to enjoy it though, as she necked the bottle in double time!


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