Harry Brompton's London Ice Tea (booze review)

Alcoholic Ice Tea. Why the hell is this a new thing?

I mean, when you think about it, alcoholic ice tea has always made sense but we never seemed to have thought about it before. I mean, when you look at summer beverages you think of Ice Tea when you're talking about alcohol free drinks, but drinks with alcohol are basically Pimm's and beer.

I've always been a fan of ice tea, when I can get the good stuff. You can forget Lipton's. It needs to be properly brewed ice tea. So when I heard about Harry Brompton, I just needed to try it!

Harry Brompton's London Ice Tea is the world's first premium alcoholic ice tea. It's 4% and made with ethically sourced Kenyan Black Tea as well as craft-distilled grain spirit and infused with citrus.

It sounds perfect for the summer, right? Well it is.

It's absolutely perfect the way the citrus flavours play with the delicious icy cold teas, without being able to taste the alcohol. You get some of the grain, which is natural, but none of it is in your face. It's a really refreshing summer drink, and my preference is to stick a wedge of lime in the bottleneck and drink it straight up!

There are many ways you can serve it, and Harry's minions have kindly provided some cocktail recipes on his website: http://www.harrybromptons.com/mixology/

It's now available in some Waitrose stores, larger Sainsbury's stores and any bar with half a brain.

Harry Brompton's London Ice Tea really is the feel good drink of the summer!



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