Georgian Townhouse, Norwich (Bar review)

The Georgian Townhouse is an iconic building, right at the top of Unthank Road in Norwich. It was previously a rather upmarket hotel, paired with RARE Steakhouse but closed maybe last year, I don’t know, I wasn’t really paying attention.

Now it has been refurbished and reopened, not as a hotel but as a Restaurant/Craft Beer Bar, with private function rooms.

I was first alerted to it on Twitter a couple of months ago, before it opened. They tweeted me a photo of Budvar Dark, saying they’ll have it on tap when they open and I remember thinking “oh, that’s nice”, not quite expecting the rest of the beer list, but more on that later!

Walking into the car park, you get a real sense of scale when you look at the big, beautiful building. It really is a sight to behold. Although there are a few doors at the front, you have to walk to the furthest right to get in. You’re greeted by a host who asks if you’re dining, in which case they’ll show you to your seat, otherwise you’re left to your own devices.

It’s an incredibly big and bright building and you’ll not be stuck for a place to sit as there are a hell load of tables and chairs everywhere. It’s beautifully and comfortably furnished meaning you’ll not want to leave!

You walk out into the garden and wow. It’s a garden of epic proportions! There are standard picnic benches that you’ll see in most beer gardens, along with some more comfortable and bigger tables at the edges, which look like they can easily be covered in the winter. Over to the left there are rather nice looking beanbags that you can hang out on, and plenty of space for the kids to run around. Not only that, there’s a professional ping pong table to keep you entertained – I think this is a great idea!

Anyway, I said I’d talk about the beer…

On the keg front, it can rival any pub in Norwich. There is no Guinness… instead you get Camden Ink, if you want a creamy stout (this is almost always what I choose) along with Camden Pale for something lighter. Local heroes Redwell also appear, but I forget which beer was on at the time. From up north you’ve got Magic Rock High Wire & Thornbridge Jaipur, from the Czech Republic you have Budvar Dark and from the USA you can get some Lagunitas IPA! There are also a few cask pumps on which I noticed Adnams & Grain Brewery, which definitely is a good option!

While the selection is amazing right now, I really do hope they change some things around from time to time to mix it up!

If beer isn’t your thing, they also have an extensive wine list and an even more extensive gin list!

The food menu looks great too – they do BBQs as well as small plates and a more A La Carte menu and I can’t wait to try it sometime!

As for the beer prices, they’ll rival anywhere in Norwich when it comes to craft keg. I only had a pint of Camden Ink, which was a respectable £4.20 where it’s been seen elsewhere locally for quite a bit more.

All in all, I think this has potential to be one of my favourite places to drink in Norwich. Great beer selection, atmosphere and an amazing garden, something you don’t find too often in ‘craft’ establishments.

Well worth a visit if you’re in the area, especially given it’s so close to the city centre!



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