London Craft Beer Festival 2014 preview

Imagine being able to go to a beer festival, where all of the bars are manned by the breweries representing them AND beer is included in your ticket price.

I’m just going to let that sink in for a while.

You ready yet?

Yes, at London Craft Beer Festival all of the beer from each the 24 breweries is included in your £35 (+booking fee) ticket price. For that money you can have a ‘small pour’ of every single beer in there, if you wish, as well as 4 ‘big pours’ which amount to 1/3rd pint each… you also get your LCBF glass and a program with information of all of the breweries involved.

This kind of beer festival is based on ones you find in America. They’re not like the ones here where you pay to get in, pay for a glass then pay for all of your beer. You get to try everything if you want, for one price. I think it’s a great concept because for me, a beer festival is all about trying as many different beers as possible.

Amongst the breweries represented will be British household names like Thornbridge and Brewdog, with smaller London breweries such as Howling Hops and Pressure Drop alongside foreign legends like Sierra Nevada from California & Evil Twin from Denmark/Brooklyn.

It’s an exciting line-up this year for sure, especially since the people pouring your beers are from said breweries!

I’m incredibly excited about going to the Sunday Session and hopefully I’ll see you there!

Check out the website for more information on the event, and to buy tickets:



  1. It's also a total non-starter for people like me who like to pop into a festival for a few halves then move on to the infinitely more interesting prospect of a few pubs. But then this isn't aimed at people like me, and if I'm honest it sounds like hell ;)

    1. Ha, that's fair. The concept really isn't for everyone! I like it though... I'll get my money's worth then head to the pub after!

  2. It's OK if you want to try every beer but if you don't, well I'm not so sure. Perhaps better to sell a certain number of taknes with the ticket price (as they do at various Belgian and Dutch events, and IMBC) and then have the option of getting more if/when you need them. Also wondering how they get round the fact that a "pour" of less the 1/3 pint is illegal in the UK - unless they are treating them as "free samples" which are an add-on to the ticket.

    1. I think the point is that it's a more niche festival that's aimed at those of us who do want to try everything we can. I would suggest they do a cheaper ticket where you buy tokens as you go along, but I don't think both types of ticket together would work.

      Yeah, the small pours will be treated as free samples.


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