Booze: Real Ale With Oriental Ginseng review

Hello again and a happy valentines day to all! Because of this yearly holiday, I thought I would treat you to a review of a beer I did with my buddy Jay, once again.

This time it is Real Ale with Ginseng. Jay got this in a magical mystery bin end box of beers from Ales By Mail. He showed me it in Norwich Taphouse the other night and I was like “Bro. You know it’s gonna be terrible. Let’s review it”. He couldn’t refuse.

On the label, there is absolutely no indication of where it’s brewed. It just says it’s brewed under license for an address on an industrial estate in Chelmsford. After a bit of searching, we managed to discover that it was brewed by the now insolvent High Wood Brewery once again, somewhere in Essex.

Now, for those of you who don’t know what Ginseng is, it’s a Chinese herb that in the past has been used as an aphrodisiac amongst other things. Mainly sexy sex things. Jay’s theory is probably quite right in that Ginseng beer was originally brewed to treat brewers droops.

Now, how about we drink some?

Beer: Real Ale With Oriental Ginseng
Brewery: High Wood Brewery (Probably)
Style: Herb/Vegetable/Fruit beer
ABV: 3.8%

Look: Looks clear yellow like your average lager but less carbonated.

Smell: Quite malty then a warm spice that really makes your nose tingle. Smells like a Chinese kitchen but with added urine.

Taste: I think it tastes like boiled cabbage and what I imagine raw Chinese 5 spice mix tastes like, if you would have snorted it. Jay, however, says it tastes like something you’d drink to cool your mouth down after a hot curry.

Mouthfeel: Watery with a very dry finish.

Verdict: It's not as bad as Jay thought it would be but I thought it was the most disgusting beer I have ever had in my life. I could barely take one gulp of it and right after I said to Jay “I really want that Mojito beer right now.” I cannot in good faith recommend that you buy this beer. Please for the love of god, just don’t. I wouldn’t even give it to my worst enemy.

Next time… I will probably review more weird and ‘wonderful’ beers with my sidekick Jay. I’m not brave enough to go it alone!




  1. Nice review of a beer that I don't really want to try! I can give you a bit more information about it though: It was brewed in the Summer of 2012 at the Highwood Brewery in Chelmsford (as you said) by a comapany called Canndo Beers Limited (here's a link: ). Apparently it has 'a dinstinctive and unique aroma and a taste designed to compliment oriental foods'. However we both know that Panther's Black Panther is actually the best beer to compliment those flavours!

    1. Cheers for the info bro! We also have this scary motherfucker:

  2. Yeah, not as bad as I thought it was going to be - It was still mighty disgusting.

    Consider this as my revenge for the Mojito beer!

  3. Wow this sounds ace!

    I hear it's on keg at IndyMan 2, through a ginseng Randal thingymajig, everyone's gonna be sexy sexed up to the max, be like Woodstock ;)

    1. Woah dude. I'm so there! Is it BYOO (Bring your own oils?)

  4. How about a review of Pizza Beer next? It's bound to be up there with this and the Mojito beer as dog awful and ridiculous:

    1. Actually read a review of that earlier this week ( and it doesn't sound too bad.

      I think my aim now is to find many weird and wonderful beers to review, instead of being standard and reviewing the same beers as everyone else.

  5. just like to add that the twat that brewed this is not here at the Brewery anymore. This is probably a big reason why!

    1. He tried to brew this at a friend of mine's brewery but my friend wouldn't allow it because A) the beer is awful and B) he seemed like a dodgy twat.

      You're certainly best rid of him!



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