Beats: Campus – Empathy review

Coming from Belgium where they have quite quickly smashed the music scene to hell, Campus are an energetic post-hardcore band who just want to touch people’s souls.

They have certainly touched mine with this E.P.

The E.P. opens up with the title track, Empathy and a wonderfully technical riff that makes your heart beat. The vocals are aggressive and heartfelt and the drums are wonderfully heavy. As the song continues it develops into a huge atmospheric explosion with awesome clean vocals along with the aggressiveness and the breakdown at the end that I was waiting for during the whole song... I just knew it was coming, I wanted it to come and when it finally did it was satisfying.

As this 4-track masterpiece of an E.P. continues, we hear more of the same... blinding riffs, huge beats and atmosphere – Definitely not a bad thing.

As I think about it and listen more, I’ve come to realise that the clean vocals aren’t dissimilar from a lot of late nu-metal which is something I definitely dig.

I just can’t get enough of this E.P. My problem is that it really is not long enough. There needs to be more than 4 tracks and it’s all over too quickly and quite suddenly too. There’s no kind of wind down which is something I definitely dislike in this kind of music.

All in all, if you like post-hardcore this is an E.P. you should buy without a doubt.

Check out the video for Empathy below:

Campus - Empathy is out on 28th May on Small Town records, on both C.D. & as a digital download. Order it here:

You can like Campus on facebook here:
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