Booze: An open letter to Kevin Black (No cocks)

Well it's not really a letter. More of an open apology for the Two Cocks jokes.

Last week, Kevin Black posted a video review of Two Cocks Brewery 1634 Puritan Stout. It was a great review, in all fairness.

A load of us in the Beer Drinkers United Facebook Group thought Two Cocks was hilarious.

Stu & Dave started it.

The jokes came flooding in...

"I wonder if you could age two cocks or are they supposed to be had fresh?"

"Have you tried chugging two cocks?"

"Don't you swallow two cocks?"

"He got good head from two cocks"

"Have you tried two cocks? Kevin Black seems to really enjoy the taste of two cocks!"

"Surprised he didn't review that beer with some English Port Faggots"

"He could've had two cocks and a couple of faggots"

Poor Kevin got a bit annoyed. I think the tipping point was the below tweet

I've never had TWO COCKS before but I do have respect for their beers and the people behind the brewery. It was all a bit of a laugh because of the name of the brewery. It was not a mockery of Kevin or the brewery and I want to make that clear.

I mean, this is the internet. What do you expect?

I'll admit, though; it did get a bit out of hand after a while. Some people are still laughing about two cocks but these people are immature. Two cocks isn't a laughing matter. How would you feel if someone was mocking you because you enjoyed two cocks? It's really not fair.

So really, I just want to apologise to Kevin Black and Two Cocks Brewery on behalf of beer drinkers united in case we have offended.

As I said to Kevin, it was only a joke. Get TWO COCKS down your throat and calm down.

You can watch 2 Cocks, 1 Glass featuring Kevin Black below.

Sorry mate. Two cocks is just too easy to joke about.



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