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Pinkunoizu. It means ‘Pink Noise’ in Japanese. This band isn’t Japanese though. They’re Danish. And live in Berlin.

The press release says “they play an exotic mixture of lo-fi, high-life, nu-folklore, ’60s Asian pop and post-apocalyptic future rock” and I don’t know what any of that means.

All I know is that Pinkunoizu are weird as shit.

I first heard the song Parabolic Delusions (video below) and was instantly hooked. It’s catchy. I mean really catchy. I’d describe it as almost electronically militant. I don’t even know what I’m talking about. The chorus is what really gets you wanting to listen to this song on loop 50 million times – “Like an endless loop of American troops, I will come for you; I will come for you” – I don’t understand it. I don’t understand why I like it so much. Maybe because it’s so utterly bizarre.

I had to hear the album. I don’t think I would have survived without hearing more weirdness.

The album starts off with Time is Like A Melody which has a nice folky feel to the beginning before it goes into more of this weird ambient electronic craziness. The folkyness stays which is quite welcome. It’s like a nice background to the weird electronic stuff that’s going on.

Next up is Myriad Pyramid. Easily one of the weirdest songs on the album. Starts off with a really eerie feel of like trumpets and some static throat singing or groaning. I don’t know what it is. Then heads off into more of that electronic synth with a particularly catchy beat and vocal style.

Cyborg Manifesto brings more folk with the occasional thing that I can only call a ‘Hawaiian tinge’ which is bizarre and it works with the echoed vocals. This one isn’t so electronic and it doesn’t need to be.

Really, the rest of the album is more of the same until you get to the final song on the album. Somber Ground. It is somber. The song starts off with light drums, guitars and what sounds like a monk. Most would go so far as to call it depressing but I wouldn’t. I think it’s quite uplifting in a Solitude Aeturnus kind of way. But no, it doesn’t stay like that the whole way through the 8 minute track... yet again it picks up into this mad electronic craziness... static noise. Distorted sound. It’s great.

How do I conclude this review?

I do not understand what kinds of twisted people could come up with an album so utterly bizarre. I absolutely love it.

Video for Parabolic Delusions:

 I'd highly recommend purchasing this album or at the very least having a listen here:

The album is out now on Full Time Hobby Records

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