2014 Update - Week 1

So it's been a little after a week since I wrote my New Year's Resolution post, and I thought I'd try and post weekly updates for all those interested.

So I think one of the reasons I was feeling so fucking awful last week was the fact that I'm pretty confident I had food poisoning. Y'know when you're laying in bed, necking gallons of water, can't eat and the only reason you can actually move is because you need to erm, empty yourself? Well that was horrific. I tried going into work last Thursday but had to come home as it would've been rather unpleasant for everyone in the office!

Naturally, I didn't drink last Thursday although that wasn't really out of choice but in a weird way I think being ill did me some good eventually.

By Friday evening I was feeling much better and actually managed to eat a small meal, which was great! I also felt like a few beers so I basically cleaned out my Christmas stash.

Friday was also when I started feeling really happy due to something happening, which hopefully you'll know about in next week's update.

Saturday I managed to eat even more and started feeling really good, and I didn't even bother drinking because I didn't want to.

Saturday was also when I had my final cigarette!

Sunday I managed to leave the house and go for a walk. It was only down to the Co-Op so not too far, but I did pick up a few beers. I had a bottle of Hoegaarden which soothed my sore throat, as well as 3 bottles of Adnams Explorer, so that's quite modest.

Monday and Tuesday I didn't drink. I also walked to work and back (around 2.5 miles each way). Due to not smoking, I'm generally feeling a lot healthier and a lot more up for walking. It's awesome! I've also been eating poached eggs on crumpets, and a couple of bananas for breakfast. Lunch this week has generally been something like a Sandwich, although on Wednesday I was bad and has 2 sausages and chips from the market. Today I went to Subway for lunch which isn't too unhealthy.

Oh, last night I had a 4 pack of Beck's Vier, which I usually enjoy but I didn't really enjoy it. It's really odd.

Today has also been my hardest day of not smoking yet, and I can't figure out why. I just had to keep myself occupied at lunch by going into shops and looking at stuff. Nothing in particular. Just stuff.

Tonight is another non-drinking night. To tell the truth, I don't really feel like drinking. I really don't know what's up with me. Maybe it's the fact that I've been getting a decent night's sleep, and the days go really fucking quickly when I'm not drunk or hungover or maybe it's the fact that there's someone making me really fucking happy right now. I just don't know.

So I've not smoked since around Saturday morning, I've generally been eating healthy (bar a couple of hiccups), I've been walking to work and back every day and I've not been drinking much at all.

I think this is going really well. I'm feeling that I don't really want to drink midweek anymore. Just maybe the occasional midweek pint with mates, or one at home if I'm writing about it but I'm feeling fucking good.

Hoping to post an update every week, to let you know what's happening!




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