The Liberty Belle, Ely

Today was an awesome day. I got to visit The Liberty Belle, a new Micro Pub in Ely.

It was my first ever visit to a micro pub. I'd heard they exist, and other people seem to enjoy them but I hadn't experienced it... until today.

Wow, what an experience it was.

The Liberty Belle isn't like a regular pub. It's a shopfront that looks like an antique shop, and when you walk in, you feel like you're in somebody's living room... it's odd, but really cool. There are comfortable sofas and chairs with tables arranged nicely, antique lamps everywhere and all kinds of interesting things. To the right you have a blackboard with today's beers (I had Elgood's Black Eagle Imperial Stout & Tydd Steam Piston Bob. Jade just had a Fentiman's Victorian Lemonade as she was driving) and the prices.

You walk through to the back and there's not even a proper bar, just what looks like some kind of counter with a guy casually sitting behind it. The counter hosts very little, just a set of scales that presumably were from a shop in the early to mid 1900's, and a bar towel. There are no handpulls or keg taps on show either, which is incredibly odd to see. There's also a cabinet behind the counter filled with all kinds of oddities and a few bottles on display, which include some from Sierra Nevada, Odell and Emelisse. I think it's great to see another pub that only sells cask ale, and a few bottles. It's brilliant! As much as I love keg beer, us craft wankers frequently neglect cask ales. Something I know I'm guilty of!

To order, you go to the bar and the guy goes into the tap room and fetches your drinks and brings them to your table - really great service!

Our table had a sofa either side, and a meat grinder/mincer attached... not odd at all! You can forget fancy wallpaper too, this was even better, the walls were adorned with sheet music and magazine advertisements that looked early 1900's which was really cool, as well as old license plates and what appeared to be petrol station signs. Even cooler was that above our heads there were shelves with even more bizarre items, including two taxidermy penguins. No kidding!

All in all, The Liberty Belle is an awesome pub!

I would highly recommend taking a trip to The Liberty Belle... it has so much character and charm. It's a perfect venue to go on a a date as it provides plenty of talking points.

Go there!




  1. If you're ever 'up North' hope to see you in The Snug micropub. We're on Carnforth Station in Lancashire.


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