Drinkin' From The Bottle

So I get home from work, knowing there are beers in the fridge. I look at the top shelf and there are a bunch of 'normal' bottles. Maybe it's Camden Hells, or Brewdog Punk IPA, or in this case Harviestoun The Ridge & Broken Dial.

It's been a hard day, and I need a beer.

I take a bottle.

I pop the cap.

I don't want to prolong this magical moment.

I start drinking.

I don't need glassware.

There seems to be this thing in the good beer community where drinking straight from the bottle has some kind of stigma. It's like people put you in the same category as people who drink Foster's or Heineken.

I don't understand it.

When I have a new beer for the first time, I like to pour it into a glass so I can experience all of that bullshit. The aromas, the colour etc. OK, it's not bullshit, it's really quite great. But sometimes I just want to drink a tasty beer and not think about it.

Sometimes I just don't give a shit. I just want to grab that beer and drink it. I can taste it brilliantly without pouring it into a glass.

To be fair, pouring it into a glass does add to it, as I've previously said, but it also takes something away.

It takes away the magic of just being able to drink it without thinking.

Next time you get home and want a beer, just pop the cap and neck it.

Fuck glassware.



P.S. Don't do this with bottle conditioned beers. You'll get a mouthful of yeast and it really will not be pleasant!


  1. Drinking a Ridge straight from the bottle as I type this. Earlier I had Punk IPA, 5am Saint, Fake Lager, and Dead Pony Club - ALL from the bottle.

    BUT, if I'm drinking an expensive beer, I would never do that as I want to make sure I'm picking up every damn nuance I've paid for.

    1. Ha, I'm drinking ridge out the bottle too!

      Completely agree. I think if I've paid more than £3 a bottle, I feel a bit guilty about drinking from the bottle.

  2. Pour a beer bottle straight into a glass. See how it foams up. That's what happens in your stomach when you drink straight from the bottle: massive CO2 release in your guts. Then you're wondering why you're feeling bloated and belchy.


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