City of Ale/Nate Dawg Birthday Twissup (Norwich)

Last year I did my birthday celebration (dubbed #Dawgocalypse) in London, and it was a fucking awesome day out. Loads of people came to drink and it was amazing. I then organised a CAMRGB twissup in Norwich later in the year, and it was fun but it was also pretty shit as I was really crap at organising it. I'm not making that mistake again.

This time I am planning well in advance so that people can book time off work, book cheap travel (and hotel if necessary) and warn their families!

This time it's going to be in Norwich on Saturday 31st May during our annual City of Ale event, which is conveniently about a week before my birthday so that makes it twice as good!

City of Ale is a beer week, like those of which you notice happening in a lot of major cities around the world (mostly in America). Most of the beer focused pubs in Norwich get involved and dedicate their pumps to the finest ales that Norfolk have to offer.

Norwich is a great city for pubs, beer and history. I remember my dad saying at one point in time, there was a pub for every day of the year. Sadly, as we see pubs closing this is no longer the case but we've still got a shitload!

I've had quite a lot of interest from various people already, and I won't let anyone forget about this so as many people as possible can join the crusade in Norwich on Saturday 31st May for what is without a doubt going to be the best pub crawl you'll partake in this year, or even century!

Over the coming weeks/months, I will post profiles of some of my favourite Norwich pubs and breweries that you can expect to visit and drink from on the day (thanks to Andrew Hobbs for the suggestion).

Expect updates of pubs and breweries soon...

UPDATE 27/01/2014 - Provisional Route can be found here:


P.S. I may have to come up with a much easier hashtag closer to the day as #Dawgocalypse got very difficult to type while inebriated - lost count of the amount of times Andy Parker handed me his phone last year!


  1. Don't no lasses come to these things?

    1. They do, but oddly none got into the photo on last year's one!


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