2014 Update - Week 2

Well I've survived another week in 2014 so I get to treat you to another boring week in the life of Nate Dawg!

I'm still off the smokes, so no worries there!

I've had a few more beers than last week - Friday I had a bunch of London Fields beers which were all delicious. Saturday I had 2 half pints when were in The Liberty Belle in Ely and Monday I had a bottle of Hawke's Alcoholic Ginger Beer. Tonight I will be having the new Redwell/London Fields Collaborative Rye Pale Ale so you can look out for a review soon - the beer hasn't actually been released yet but Patrick from Redwell dropped me a couple of bottles today which was nice of him. I believe it's going to be Keg, Cask & Bottle. I actually think it's really cool that they're putting some in casks as it makes it more accessible to the bunch of Norwich pubs that still have a problem with this whole keg business!

Food has generally been quite healthy - I've mostly been eating ham/chicken salad sandwiches/wraps which have been delicious, if ridiculously spicy (I always misjudge quite how spicy Nando's hot peri peri is). I've also been eating a lot of bananas which give me a proper energy burst and are fucking delicious but really not good for the teeth as they contain an absurd about of sugar!

As for exercise, I've been walking to work and back each day.

Life is pretty good right now.

That's it for week 2...

See you soon for more rambling about beers and stuff!



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