2 Year Anniversary...

HOLY SHITBALLS, I've been writing this blog for TWO YEARS now.

YES, two whole years.

How have I done it? Well out of pure skill of course because I am ridiculously awesome.

What have I learnt in the last two years?

  • I don't write about food enough even though I keep promising I will.
  • I'm still more awesome than you.
  • Since February 2014 I've started to look really damn fine.
  • Beer is still awesome.
  • I'm even more picky when it comes to glassware.
  • I'm really good at playing the air guitar.
  • I'm really hungry right now.
  • I'm currently stone cold sober, but instead in a state of "FUCK YEAH!"
Thank you all for reading over the last couple of years. I hope you continue to read my blog (actually, I know you will as you've got nothing better to do except get drunk and you can do both at the same time).




  1. I, for one, am surprised you're still at it. Thought you'd end up in hospital by now waiting for a new liver.


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