Sixpoint Brewery and Wetherspoons

Recently British pub chain JD Wetherspoons have been inviting an American brewery over to the UK every month to brew one of their beers at a British brewery, to be sold exclusively within the chain. Well Sixpoint Brewery from Brooklyn in New York have visited Adnams a couple of times now to brew Bengali Tiger IPA & Righteous Ale, both of which were delicious.

Last week we got some brilliant news... Wetherspoons are going to import cans of 3 Sixpoint beers to be sold exclusively within their pubs, starting from Wednesday 5th of March.

I was lucky enough to be sent a can of each to sample so I figured I'd give you all a sneak preview so you can get as excited as I am!

Sixpoint are one of the revolutionary new breweries who choose to use cans to package their beer instead of bottles. Cans are the best way to package your beer, aside from cask and keg as unlike bottles, no light or oxygen can get into the beer to contaminate it. The trouble is, they have a stigma that's associated with super strength lager, and the fact that people claim that you can taste the metal which is a load of bollocks.

I decided to start with The Crisp, which is a 5.4% Pilsner. Very clean pilsner malt aroma, along with some citrus fruits which carry through into the flavour. It has a very long and dry finish, which I think will be great in the summer sun. Essentially it does what it says on the tin... it's crisp.

Sweet Action came next, which is a 5.2% Cream Ale and it smells like toffee. When you taste you've got orange marmalade and toffee with some fresh double cream and a sprinkling of white pepper.

Finally we have Bengali Tiger which is a 6.4% IPA. I had this on cask in Wetherspoons before and somehow managed about 6 pints in a night as it's so delicious, which means this was the can I was most excited for. On the nose you've got freshly baked bread, Greek yogurt and some grapefruit. Upon tasting, you've got more of that fresh bread with some bitter grapefruit and some honey to add some sweetness. I love it and I think this will be the one I buy most frequently!


Basically, all 3 of these beers are stunning and regardless of what you think of chain pubs, it's brilliant that such a large company is doing its best to make amazing foreign beer a normality in the UK as well as promoting our own thriving real ale scene.

Massive thanks to Eddie Gershon PR & JD Wetherspoons for sending me these cans to sample!



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    1. According to a friend of a friend, they'll be 2 cans for £5 or like £2.89 a can.

  2. So the verdict is 'stunning'. Did you bang the can on your head ? What about the taste ? Most tinned beers have a horrible acidic taste due to the CO2 and metal reaction. I can only assume as you were stunned you didn't notice it ?

    1. If you would have read above the overall verdict, you'd actually see some tasting notes.

      I don't get the 'horrible acidic taste', I just got the taste of good beer.

  3. Are these beers going to appear in every Wetherspoons, or selected bars across London/England/UK?

  4. I had the Crisp and the Bengali Tiger at the weekend. Both are delicious - though being a fan of stronger hoppy beers I had a clear favourite. Indeed, were these not exclusive to Spoons (my nearest being about 30 miles away), I could see the Tiger competing with Sierra Nevada Torpedo as my go-to hoppy US IPA. Like many, I once associated beer in tins with a metallic flavour. The lamented supermarket 6 packs of Punk IPA, as well as imports of Ska, Sierra Nevada and Oskar Blues have convinced me this is not necessarily so.

    1. Both great beers. Sad that your nearest is about 30 miles away, but there are ways to get around taking some home and at £2.50 a pop, well, what other canned US craft beers can you get that cheaply?


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