It's Better At Home

I am a member of a Facebook group called CAMRA. Y'know, the Campaign for Real Ale? It's not an official group but a lot of the people who use it are official CAMRA types. Well, stereotypes anyway.

See, some people are alright and they'll post photos of bottled beers which you'd expect in beer groups but then there's the rest of them. "Bottled beer? Why are you not in your local pub?" they cry.

Alright, we all love the pub and we know that pubs are closing every day but it shouldn't be a a problem that we drink at home too as it's supporting the industry all the same.

See, CAMRA was never meant to be about pubs. It was meant to be about the beer. It's great that they're helping the fight in protecting out pubs but the issue is that a lot of members are missing the point. The point isn't that we're not drinking in pubs because I can assure you that we are. The point is that we're supporting the beer industry, and we're supporting small businesses by buying from them.

As I'm sure you'll appreciate, drinking in pubs is expensive and I'm sure most of us can't afford to do it all the time. I mean like, we can't afford to drink in pubs whenever we want a drink, plus it's a load of effort. Especially for me anyway. If I'm at home on a Sunday and want a beer, I'd rather pop to the shop to buy a bunch of Adnams Explorer to drink beer at home than either go to the hideous pub across the road from the shop or walk 20 minutes to my nearest pub that has good beer and a good atmosphere.

Another issue is that I can get beers to drink at home that I can't drink anywhere else. Well, not for a reasonable price anyway. Pubs may sell some bottles but at a massive mark up to meet the margins they need in order to survive and most of us can't handle that. They may argue that you couldn't get this particular bottle plus postage for less than what they're selling it at, but that's missing the point as when you order online you'll order in bulk and therefore the cost is spread across each bottle.

And then there are the times that you don't want to be in a public setting but you want a beer. Sometimes you just want to sit the fuck back, watch some crap on Netflix and drink a beer. You can't do that in a pub. Actually you could, but you'd look like a total dick really and you're just generally being a dick as you're hogging all of the bandwidth when others want to use the internet.

The point is that drinking beer at home isn't bad, despite what some deluded fucks say. I need to make it clear that this isn't an attack on CAMRA, it's an attack on people who largely seem to be CAMRA members who think that if you don't constantly go to the pub to drink you're the spawn of Satan.

Well I'm drinking a beer at home and I fucking love it.



  1. Indeed, as I argued here, it's counter-productive to claim that drinking in the pub is in some way "better" in general than drinking at home.

    1. I remember reading that now, Mudgie! Cheers!

  2. The thing about beard club is that it is just basically a bunch of nutters that want you to live as they see fit rather than simply exercise your own freedom of choice. You can do as your told, you can ignore them, you can wind them up. Take your pick.


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