2014 Update – Week 13

Alright people, I’ve been slack lately and haven’t been providing you with general updates regarding the goals I set for myself in 2014.

I had a bad period about a month ago when I fell off the wagon again. I was back to drinking every night of the week, and not just having a couple. I was drinking so much that I was drunk basically every night because I was fucking miserable but I soon kicked that after a couple of weeks and from there on out I was back to having a couple of nights off a week even though I had the money to drink.

I mean, last week for instance, I didn’t drink from Tuesday until Friday night (and even then it was wine not beer) and this week I think I’m going to go through until the Oakham Ales Tap Takeover on Thursday without drinking too. I know that from hereon out, I can definitely stick to not drinking midweek unless there’s actually something going on, or if I’m reviewing a couple of beers.

I’ve also set myself the target of actually reviewing a fucking album or two this week. Shocking, I know, but I’m going to pick something tonight and do it. I really need to. I need to put it out of my mind that I think I’m shit at writing about music, sit down and just do it.

As for food, I’ve not been eating a great deal lately. Haven’t really been feeling it. I eat breakfast which, you guessed it, is eggs basically every day but I’ve only been having a banana for lunch and frequently skipping dinner which is bad of me.

I’ve been getting a fuckload of exercise too… I’ve had a bicycle for a few weeks now and I’m absolutely loving it (despite the fact that I need to fix a puncture right now). Cycling to work and back every day has made me feel a lot healthier. I also went on a 9 mile cycle with my buddy Matt the other Saturday around all 3 Fat Cat pubs, ending up back at the original Fat Cat. OK, so a couple of pints in each means it wasn’t totally healthy but fuck it. And we’ve got nice weather now, so tennis has been on the cards which is awesome!

All in all, I’m feeling really good right now. Got good things going on in my personal life and I’m feeling healthier and therefore happier!

I’m going to try making these updates regular again, but I keep getting distracted by Adventure Time (I’m not to blame for that one) and Pokémon. I’m proper grown up, I am.

Also, news regarding my birthday shindig on 31st of May, don’t you fucking forget it. You’ll need to book train tickets from Stratford if you’re coming from London ASAP while they’re still cheap!



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