I think I’m bored of beer

Something has happened over the last couple of months, and it’s rather odd. I’ve increasingly been drinking less and less compared to last year. What started off as a health kick has become normality and this makes me happy. I no longer have the desire to drink to the levels I did as it got boring.
It’s not just the drinking of it I’m bored of, though.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love beer so it’s not like I’m about to quit drinking it. I just feel that I need to take a step back from this beer blogging thing as the concept of beer and talking about it is getting boring.

The reason it’s getting boring is because I’m sick of only ever talking about beer with 80% of the people I know, and the other 20% I’m assuming refuse to talk to me because 90% of what I talk about is beer. That or they think I’m a dick, which is also correct.*

I think it’s a sad state of affairs when you get so deeply into something that it’s constantly in your mind. Even when you’re not participating in said subject, you’re at least thinking or talking about it. It’s sad that conversations with people are so fucking limited because you’ve established common ground and don’t really stray off of it.

The truth is, I’m just bored of only ever talking about beer when I have so many other interests close to my heart; stuff that I’m losing the knowledge and love of because I never have anyone to talk about it with.

I love how passionate we all are about beer and how we share this; it’s special and I’ve met many good friends through my blog and obsessive tweeting about beer, but I really need to broaden my interests and get involved in other stuff because I feel that there’s no way I can develop myself as a person if beer is all I ever have to discuss with people.

Don’t worry; this isn’t the end of real beer blogging for me. I’ll probably come back to it in a few months when I feel that I’ve kicked the obsession. I’ll still do beer reviews when something comes through the post, because that’s not proper beer writing. I’m just quitting the theory of beer and thinking too much about it as a concept. You can also expect to see more musical stuff going on as that’s something I keep meaning to get onto.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this last couple of years as much as I have and I hope you can understand where I’m coming from with this.

Thanks everyone!


*These figures may not be accurate, but I’m definitely a dick.


  1. Good luck Nate. Reconnect with beats, enjoy some new bites, find something you enjoy that doesn't begin with b... and I look forward to sharing a brew with you in a few weeks, beer, tea or otherwise.

    1. Cheers brother - trying to find something else but even tennis has balls and I'm always on my bike haha!

      Will definitely be beer next time I'm around! Will let you know when!

  2. Welcome back to the world of normals. You can now enjoy a meal with your missus and share a bottle of the second cheapest red without moaning about the lack of craft beer. You can now have a few pint of any old pisswater with your mates whilst watching the champions league. You can now just pick up whatever wine and beer is on the special, when you do your weekly shop and not go spend a fortune in the specialist off licence on obscure but authentic pish. You can now wear a t shirt without a beer logo. You can now wake up on a sunday morning without a hangover and rattle the missus and then get all the stuff she want doing done. Your garden will be tidy, your car clean and that flatpack bookcase will get assembled. Welcome back to the world. It's freedom, treasure it.

    1. That's the plan... I can buy 20 cans of Carling for £10 and wear my Carling t-shirt unironically with pride.


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