#12BeersOfXmas Day One - Stewart Weiss Christmas Blanc

Alright, my advent calendar didn't quite work out did it? I know I've posted before but apologies, I was a little busy. I'm still busy, I have stuff to do, but I really want to do 12 beers of Xmas to support my buddy Steve at The Beer O'Clock Show.

Him and Mark run a brilliant podcast that I was lucky enough to guest on once (until my battery died and I had no charger) and I'm looking forward to doing it again one day.

Yesterday was day one and I picked Stewart Brewing Weiss Christmas Blanc (4.7%, Edinburgh). We'd shared a few bottles of this in the office as they were nice enough to send us a bunch of samples when we bought a couple of pallets from them, and I enjoyed it but on cask it really is even better.

So this beer is a German style Hefeweizen with added spices, in the spirit of Christmas. To be honest, I think it was a genius move to brew a Christmas Wheat Beer because nobody else seems to do it - Christmas beers all tend to be fairly dark.

It pours like you'd imagine a Hefe to pour... cloudy with a solid head (man, this beer is a master for head retention. Love hefe yeast). On the nose you get big bubblegum, cloves and allspice. When you take a sip, this all comes through brilliantly, with added spices and those foam banana penny sweets we all ate as a kid.

Overall, this is a brilliantly balanced spiced wheat beer from a genuinely exciting brewery. I've been incredibly impressed by Stewart because they're an exciting brewery whose brewers know exactly what they're doing!

This was drunk at Mash Tun in Norwich and I couldn't just have one pint.



  1. I had a couple of pints this weekend at the Norwich Playhouse in the draught version and a very authentic and refreshing beer indeed

  2. Alright your blog side.I support it.As much as I truly wanted to join in with the Beer O'clock Show #12beersofxmas "authority" begin date on the twentieth December, it was continually going to be a viable incomprehensibility as I was at that point profound into my Beer Advent Calendar arrangement. In any case, the incredible thing about the Beer O'clock Show occasion is that you can dunk lock stock and done whenever you like. You don't need to begin on the appointed day, you don't need to blog about it, simply imparting twelve brews over the Christmas period utilizing the #12beersofxmas hashtag on twitter or Instagram or actually leaving a remark at the base of another person's post all include as joining.All the best!


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