Advent Calendar Day 2: Thornbridge Sequoia

Woop, day two! That means two blogs in one day. Poor you.

Anyway, I'm sure y'all know what the deal is.

Brewery: Thornbridge
Beer: Sequoia
ABV: 4.5%
Style: American Amber Ale
Country: UK
Where I drank it: Mash Tun, Norwich

Thornbridge are, without a doubt, one of the best breweries in the UK. Again, it's a brewery that nails everything they do and I've been drinking their beers for as long as I remember.

Sequoia is an American Amber Ale... it's a style that's not brewed so often over here, with many breweries favouring American IPAs or even Red Ales.

I'm probably cheating a bit here as it's a beer I know and love already, but still.

Looks: Dark Amber, slightly hazy (cask was fresh on & I don't mind a bit of haze) with a lovely fluffy white head.

Aroma: On the nose you get chewy toffee sweets along with some pine and citrus fruit.

Flavour: Citrus fruits leading into light toffee with a lovely marmalade covered digestive biscuit base.

Mouthfeel: So smooth and velvety, an awesomely drinkable beer.

Overall: Yup... it's the same as when I first had it at Norwich Beer Festival about 5 years ago... I still absolutely love it and can't avoid buying a pint when I see it!

Right, that's it for today... I'm off to see Raging Speedhorn at The Waterfront tonight so I imagine I will be surviving on pints of Red Stripe. Wonderful.



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