Advent Calendar Day 1: Beavertown/Mikkeller/Arizona - Sour Power

Just an idea I got, I'm gonna make sure I write something every day and to do that I figured I'd write about a beer I have each day leading up to Christmas. Obviously this is a day late but YOLO. That means you unlucky people get two blogs today.

Brewery: Beavertown & Mikkeller & Arizona Wilderness (collaboration)
ABV: 6%
Style: Red Saison with sour cherries & redcurrants
Country: UK/Denmark/USA
Where I drank it: Norwich Taphouse (Half pint on keg)

So this is a collaboration between the awesome Beavertown Brewery in London, Mikkeller in Denmark & Arizona Wilderness in the USA. I'm a massive fan of Beavertown as they seem to nail every style of beer they brew, and Mikkeller is legendary. I've never had anything from Arizona Wilderness because I'm pretty sure they don't export, but I've heard very good things.

Look: As red as a cloudy summer sky, that is to say that it's pretty damn red but there's defintely a storm coming!

Aroma: You get potent aroma of red berries, with a funky undertone.Yum.

Flavour: A massive hit of sour cherries that slowly fades, making way for sweet raspberry jam and a bit of acidity.

Mouthfeel: As dry as the deserts in Arizona, but also as sticky as leaving an ice lolly to melt on your car dashboard.

Overall: Absolutely brilliant - this is a beer for drinking by the half pint, in between other beers. I reckon it'd go amazingly well with dark chocolate cheesecake. Maybe I should take one into the Taphouse to try it...

Well, that's it for day one... Day two will come later.


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