#12BeersOfXmas Day 4 - Dia De Los Muertos Immortal Beloved

So it's Day 4 and I'm not going to explain myself again.

Today we're visiting Mexico with Dia De Los Muertos Immortal Beloved Hefeweizen. The rest of theirs I've had thus far have been shit but I'm hoping they can't fuck up a Hefeweizen.

Let's see...

Just looking at it, I'm disappointed. No big, thick creamy head like I would like to see in a hefe.

The aroma? Blue Moon. Yeah, we've all tried Blue Moon. It's like that. Orange cordial and cloves. Blah.

How does it taste? Like a weaker version of Blue Moon. Seriously. I'm fucking disappointed, but I expected to be.

Overall... I think Blue Moon is alright. A weaker version of Blue Moon? No. Go away. I'm gonna neck this and get something decent.

Hopefully Day 5 will be a success...




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