#12BeersOfXmas Day 5 - High & Mighty Beer of the Gods

So Day 5 of my #12BeersOfXmas falls on Christmas Eve. Fuck knows why but everyone was so excited about it being Christmas Eve today. What is that even about?

Well anyway, today is High & Mighty Beer of the Gods. High and Mighty are from Massachusetts in the USA but apparently this is brewed by the non-existent Ridgeway Brewery somewhere in the UK so fuck knows. Their website doesn't bother telling me what style it is but Ratebeer claims it's a Golden/Blond Ale.

So what's it even like bro?

Well the first hit on the nose you get is coppery like pennies but then you get mandarins, freshly baked white bread and cloves.

Got fresh granny smith apples and digestive biscuits upon first taste, but then you start to get mandarins and a little bit of caramel at the end.

Mouthfeel is well carbonated yet smooth.

So overall? It's nice but could be punchier and have some more bitterness. I guess this is another of those fucking beers that they send to the USA and make people think that all British beers are like this though. Big problem. But yeah, happily drinkable. Not in a rush to buy another bottle though.

Day 6, Christmas Day, is a special motherfucker so stay tuned!




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